"With 17 designer lines, plus high-end consignment options, there is something for everyone," Taylor says. Photo © Taylor Gumz

Fashion Spotlight: Taylor Gumz of LuxLooks Show Clothes

Taylor Gumz of LuxLooks Show Clothes is from a small, sleepy town in Northwest Indiana called North Judson. In 2007, when the Kentucky Incentive Fund launched, her family relocated to Morganfield, Kentucky to start the Kentucky branch of Gumz Farms.

Taylor is a recent graduate (2017) from Western Kentucky University with a degree in Business and a minor in Finance. She did the majority of her college studies online while she traveled with LuxLooks, a business she developed that carries both new and consignment show clothes.

Being raised on a breeding farm, Taylor’s equine background started at day one. “I did not picture nor plan that my career would involve both horses and fashion, but sometimes, the best things are unplanned,” Taylor shares.

Her mother, Amy Gumz, a very well-respected breeding manager who also owns and stands, Its A Southern Thing (pictured right), says she is very proud of her daughter.

“She’s extremely driven and very hard worker. I wish I had her energy,” Amy told GoHorseShow. “She has the motivation of ten people. She’s always enjoyed the glitz and glamour of show clothes, so it was a great direction for her. She’s got a knack for putting fabrics and designs together and can always find that flattering fit for even the most challenging figure. I should know, she’s been re-dressing me for years.”

Amy adds, “I think she is smart to be positioning herself both in the major markets, but also the underserved markets. She never turns down an opportunity to branch out into a different breed or group. Hopefully, this diversification will help continue her growth and sustain her business.”

We sat down with Taylor to find out more about her background and goals for the future.

Q: When did you come up with the desire to have your horse show clothing store?
A: In 2015 and 2016, I ran for Congress Queen. My second year, Piccola Rosa sponsored my queen attire. At the end of Congress 2016, Darilyn (of Piccola Rosa) and I met to discuss having me as the United States Representative for Piccola Rosa. I quickly came up with a business name and of course a Facebook page. From there, it took off at an alarming rate.

Q: Do you travel to shows?
A: Yes – I try to hit two to three shows a month in the Midwest and South regions. And of course, I cannot travel without LuxLooks’ mascot, Marvin the Great Dane (pictured left).

Q: What do you like about your business?
A: My absolute favorite thing about my job is pulling the perfect jacket, and before she can even look in the mirror, there is a smile on her face and a little more sparkle in her eyes. I also enjoy being able to travel, seeing familiar faces and meeting new people.

Q: Do you offer anything besides show clothes?
A: Besides new and consignment pieces, you can find saddle blankets, ball caps, chaps, English attire, casual clothing and Moonpie (Its A Southern Thing) swag.

Q: How are you different from the other consignment shops out there?
A: Besides our low commission rate, I find that we offer a vast selection at every price point. Another thing that I believe makes us accommodating is the size range offered. I cannot tell you how many people have walked into the store and said, “You have beautiful things, but I’m sure you won’t have my size.” But when I pull out options that fit and are flattering, it makes for a great moment.

Q: Who has been the most supportive with regards to your new business?
A: Without question, I could not do this without my fiancé, Kyle Baird. He is the muscle behind the operation, whether it’s building the store in the cargo trailer or taking care of my eight horses while I am on the road. I am very lucky to have someone so supportive.

Q: Have you always been interested in fashion?
A: I’ve always enjoyed fashion, whether it was casual or show clothing. I remember as a kid, studying the Hobby Horse color wheel and wishing my show mare at the time wasn’t sorrel so I could wear my favorite color, pink.

Q: Is your mother involved with your business?
A: Unfortunately, it’s a rare event that mom has a free moment to get off the breeding farm, especially at this time of year, but she is very supportive and offers her business advice.

Q: Are you offering any specials or is there anything you would like our readers to know about your business?
A: LuxLooks has quite a few recent markdowns, they can be seen at luxlooksshowclothes.com. The easiest way to stay in the loop is to subscribe to our email list. I also email out promo codes from time-to-time with either a percentage off or free shipping or both.

Q: Why should someone shop with you?
A: There are a lot of options when it comes to show clothing. With 17 designer lines, plus high-end consignment options, there is something for everyone.
Q: Anything else you would like to add?
A: I am so thankful for how well LuxLooks has been received. For a young company, the support and following has been second-to-none.


Photos © Taylor Gumz, Kelly Graphics