As an exhibitor, you have to be prepared to expect the unexpected. Hacks teach us to be resourceful and observant of the world around us. Photo © Cori Cansdale

Fashion Emergency: Seven Horse Show Fashion Hacks to Save the Day

A hack is known as a strategy or technique adopted to manage one’s time and daily activities more efficiently.

Horse show hacks increase productivity and make life easier for an exhibitor.

When faced with a fashion emergency at a show, hacks can be a lifesaver.

Whether it be a tear in your showmanship pants or an unsightly stain, the unexpected happens all the time.

Keep these seven hacks in mind when faced with your next fashion emergency.

1) Tape

There isn’t much that electrical or duct tape cannot fix. If your boot zipper splits, use electrical tape to go over the zipper area for those last-minute emergencies. If the top of your boot sticks out awkwardly under your showmanship pants, tape around your boots to flatten it under the pants. Never leave for a horse show without your handy electrical and duct tape.

2) Wipes

Whether baby wipes, cloths, Lexol wipes, etc., these can be lifesavers for horse show emergencies. We primarily buy expensive and quality show clothing to play in the dirt. Wipes are inexpensive and can clean that last-minute dirt off your chaps or jacket with ease.

3) Dryer sheets

This may seem odd, but put some dryer sheets at the bottom of your bag of show clothing. These inexpensive sheets absorb odors and help keep your show clothes smelling fresh, longer.

4) Bring a button-up

Button-ups are inexpensive and professional looking in the show pen. It doesn’t hurt to have one as a “back up” in case something happens to your show jacket. Think ahead and always expect the unexpected.

5) Mini-sewing kit

Even if you do not sew, there may be a fellow horse show exhibitor who would be more than willing to lend a hand. Whether it be a small tear in your showmanship pants or show shirt, a mini sewing kit can be a lifesaver. Any craft or local department store should carry one of these kits. They are definitely worth the small investment and peace of mind.

6) Pool noodles

Great for the swimming pool or your boots. This hack is simple to follow and inexpensive. All you have to do is buy a few pool noodles, cut them to fit the size of the height of your boots, and there you go. These handy shapers will help keep your boots in horse-show-ready condition.

7) Pledge

Pledge is not just useful for making furniture shine; it can also make tack and boots shine. This fantastic product repels dirt particles instead of attracting dust. Pledge is a perfect example of an everyday item that can be useful at horse shows. Therefore, leaving your items clean and ready to hit the show pen.

Inventor, author and one of the founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

As an exhibitor, you have to be prepared to expect the unexpected. Hacks teach us to be resourceful and observant of the world around us. Next time you experience a fashion emergency, use these hacks to remain efficient and calm at horse shows.

About the Author – Cat Guenther is in a junior at the Academy of the Sacred Heart. She has ridden horses since she was 8 years old. When Cat is not at the barn, she focuses on her small businesses “Behind the Bit Tack Sales” and “Tack to Dye for”. Cat is also a representative for Haala jeans and recommends them to every equestrian! She hopes to one-day attend Michigan State University and study to become an equine veterinarian. Cat is extremely excited to compete in the rookie and novice youth all around events this year at the Novice Championships with her new equine partner, Royal Invite.