GoHorseShow found out the details behind each jean for our readers to find the perfect style. Photo © Kimes Ranch Jeans

Finding Your Fit & Style: Kimes Ranch Jeans

Having comfortable, durable and stylish jeans is a necessity for both men and women in the equine industry. Kimes Ranch Jeans has created just that. Their jeans have the longevity and durability you demand because they only source ring spun denim.

Ring spun denim has greater tensile/tear strength in the fabric form than open-end yarn found in other brands. Thus, their jeans last two to three times longer.

GoHorseShow found out the details behind each jean for our readers to find the perfect style. Be sure to pick up a pair, or several, at your next horse show.

                                                                                  Kimes Women’s Jeans

The Betty – Kimes Ranch believes in strong values, family dedication and a certain level of sophistication. The Betty emulates these traits. Made with only the best denim, Betty is quality. She sits mid-rise elegantly. With a proper fitted upper thigh and knee, she accentuates the leg. The boot opening is modest yet practical perfect for over the boot or tucked in. The Betty is style at its best. This also includes the Betty 17, which has the same great fit in addition to a hand sand and rinse for a lighter vibe. The Black Betty was another great addition. Black Betty is a tri-blend technology (cotton polyester elastine). This allows for the same fit and comfort that you love with the Original Betty, but with a better rebound factor. The resin wash helps to maintain the true black color.

The Jolene – The Jolene is not for the faint of heart. This jean sits low to accentuate all you have to offer. The wide flare boot opening is just because we can. The Jolene is really for those who dare. Silver stitching takes the attention of everyone. This jean allows you to have all the happiness you deserve.





The Madeline – Thoughtfully designed and carefully handcrafted, the Madeline is an exceptional fit for an extraordinary woman. A mid-rise created to cover your assets and keep a smooth line. Stretch denim to allow for comfort and shape. A modified boot opening helps to maintain a slight stack while still splaying over your foot nicely. This jean has perfect details that every woman can appreciate. Navy blue body stitch for a sleek look. Silver rear pockets to keep things flirty.




The Alex – This is a great staple to add to your wardrobe. The Alex is a slouchy fit.  This jean is made from 100% premium cotton denim. A light hand sanding gives this jean stylish detailing.  A mid-low rise designed to hang loosely on the hips.







The Francesca – Our first Crowdsourcing style selection. The Francesca was born out of a request for a 100% cotton jean. White Oak denim from Cone Mills in North Carolina creates a beautiful profile. Mid-low rise gives the sexy and functional feel. Kimes Ranch customers chose the Cha-Cha orange stitch detail.






The Lola – The Trouser jean is here. It has a fitted thigh with flare leg and trouser cuff. This jean is very versatile that it can be worn for a night on the town or day in the saddle.






The Bonnie
– (black, distressed, acid, shred, slick) – A skinny fashion jean, made for riders. It includes all the elements that you love from your everyday skinny jean and adds the features we need to ride in them. Being higher in the back while using a tri-blend technology to help with the rebound (holds its shape) improves wearability and give. The Bonnie comes also comes in Black, Distressed, Acid, Shred and Slick. Be sure to check out all the women’s styles on their website.




                                            Kimes Men’s Jeans

The Watson – The Watson is for all intents and purposes. This was the first jean made. It included attributes for people who ranch, ride, train horses and live in denim every day. The most important features are fit, durability, comfort, and function. It is a mid-rise, relaxed thigh for fit. The color is dark indigo with hand sanded details and brown weft for looks. It is silicone washed for comfort. There are a knife pocket and correct boot opening (meaning you won’t step on your jeans without spurs on) for function.




The Cal
– Named after Matt’s grandfather and founder of CK Ranch in Sebastopol California; Cal Kimes. The jean is modeled after a classic style that he would have worn in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. Using White Oak Denim from North Carolina, it has modern detail stitching with a refined fit, higher rise and double caballo seams. The knife pocket is integrated for style and function. This is your go-to jean.




The Chuck
– This jean style has a lower rise, a little more boot opening and a lighter weight fabric for those hot summer days. Lighter weight does not necessarily mean less durable. The construction (ring spun vs. open end) is the most crucial factor in durability. Lower rise appeals to the guys used to that fit. The knife pocket was integrated making it still functional, yet less noticeable. Dark indigo with an off-white horn logo accent gives this jean a dressed-up look. The Chuck has been an immediate success.



The Dillon
– Dillon is a cousin to Chuck. They have a lower rise, wider boot cut, and integrated knife pocket. Dillon uses a 13.75 oz denim for those that prefer a heavier weight. As always ring spun 3×1 right-hand twill for durability. There is subtle horn stitching on the pocket for a clean and refined look. Hand sanding and silicone wash makes this jean look and feel great. It is functional for work, yet stylish for going out. This is quickly becoming a best seller.





The Watson 2.0
– The development of the Watson 2.0 came from customers wanting a different wash. It was updated with a new denim, stitch and wash without sacrificing all the characteristics of the original Watson. The strong and durable Watson 2.0 is made of 13.75 oz ring-spun cotton denim. It also has a light hand sanding to give a fashion-forward feel. The updated golden color stitching creates wonderful accents and makes it pop. The knife pocket was kept as it has become a favorite of the Watson wearer.



The Dillon 2.0
– This jean features all of the classic subtly you love with Original Dillon, in a lighter weight material. Dillon 2.0 wears better on hotter days, offering added breathability. This is a fine addition to your collection if you are a current wearer of Dillon, Chuck, or are looking to try new Kimes Ranch Styles.




The Wayne
– Our slimmest fit, yet not uncomfortable. It is by no means a skinny jean. The Wayne has a sleek modern look. A stretch denim was used that allows for the freedom of movement and comfort that we all desire. It is ridiculous how comfortable it is. If you need a slimmer fit and want to wear what is the next big thing in the denim world, Wayne is your jean.






The Raw Dillon & James – This is denim in its purest form. We are introducing the Raw Dillon (left) and the Raw James (right). These are unwashed, American made denim jean by Kimes Ranch. The Raw jeans have all of the features you love about originals. The Raw Dillon and Raw James will wear to your body and gain unique characteristics as you use your jeans.





To find out more about Kimes Ranch Jeans, check out their website at www.kimesranch.com.

About the Author: GoHorseShow writer, Courtney Hall is a graduate student at Missouri State University. She is obtaining a Master of Science in Agriculture degree with research in agricultural communications. She started showing the APHA & AQHA all-around circuit as a youth and continues today as an amateur.