You can’t show if your horse isn’t healthy, so make sure you’re keeping him in tip-top shape. Photo © The American Quarter Horse Journal

Healthy Horse Showing, Part 1

Help your horse avoid the dreaded horse-show crud with these horse-health tips.

Our horses are incredible athletes. When show season rolls around, you want to ensure that your horses are able to compete to the best of their abilities. An infection or injury can sideline your horse before you even show. What can you do to reduce chances of illness or injury at major shows? These experts weigh in.

Prevention at Home

Long before they arrive at a championship show, these trainers begin a health regimen for their horses. AQHA Professional Horseman and Team Wrangler member, Keith Miller, an all-around trainer, works alongside a veterinarian and farrier to keep the horses on a regular schedule for vaccinations and hoof care. He also schedules Adequan injections for joint health as needed.

“We make sure to take a sound and healthy horse to the horse show,” Keith says.

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