The next person in our highly popular, 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Me series, is Kari Jewell of Maysville, Iowa. Photo © Kari Jewell

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Kari Jewell

The next person in our highly popular, 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me series, is Kari Jewell of Maysville, Iowa. Her family owns Jewell Tool Technology which is an industrial cutting tool manufacturing company, and Jewell Machine & Fabrication, a production machine shop. Both companies are located in a new facility they built last year in Davenport, Iowa. Kari’s brother is the president and Kari serves as CFO.

“I consider myself extremely lucky to get to work with my family every day,” Kari states. “Last year, I built a new barn that is maybe two miles from my house so that I could have my horses at home. It works out great because my trainer, Millissa Daurer, grew up about 15 minutes from me, so she was able to move back home to work out of the new barn. She still has her own training business and takes outside horses. I’m just happy to have my horses so close to me.”

This year, Kari is showing KM Zip Me Suddenly in Amateur All-Around events and Legacee in Aged Halter Geldings.

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1. I am a survivor of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and just reached my 11th year of remission. Just after I first reached remission, my best friend, Emily, trained for and ran the Chicago Marathon in my honor. I’m so lucky to have really great friends and family who went over and above to rally around me when I was sick. I would say surviving cancer is the accomplishment I’m most proud of, although it’s obviously not one for which I ever hoped or planned.

2. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a major in accounting and minor in finance.

3. I studied for a semester in college in Fremantle, Australia, at Notre Dame’s sister school. I traveled to Australia and to Singapore and Malaysia and went skydiving, white water rafting, rock climbing and repelling and hiking in Tasmania. I also developed an appreciation for beer. It was a life-changing semester.

4. I’ve won the Congress twice – the Novice Amateur Showmanship by unanimous decision with Barpassers Glow in 1998 and Performance Halter Geldings with Invite Me Anytime in 2008. I still own Barpassers Glow – she turned 25 this year and is enjoying life in the pasture.

5. I’ve known my trainer, Millissa Daurer since we were kids. We showed POAs together and then both moved on to the Quarter Horse world.

6. I have a serious case of unintentional RBF (resting b#@&* face). If you know who I am, you are probably already aware of this. I really don’t mean to look so serious so much of the time. I’m just a slightly intense individual and I’m usually lost in thought or stressing out about something.

7. I love cheese. I could live off of it – it’s one of my obsessions.

8. I tend to sleep with my eyes half open. I think it’s a case of big eyes and short eyelids but in any case, it probably serves as one of the many reasons as to why I’m still single.

9. I can fall asleep anywhere. I’ve even fallen asleep in a very loud bar before and no, I wasn’t even drinking. It’s kind of a problem considering how much time we spend driving down the road to get to horse shows, and how little time we spend sleeping while at the shows.

10. My Pomeranian, Princess Sophia is my spirit animal. She thoroughly enjoys sleeping, loses her mind over cheese, guards her food like it’s her job and is just a little bit attitudinal. We have a complete understanding of one another.



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