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Top 10 Funniest Horse Show Memes

A meme is largely known as an amusing or interesting item (such as a captioned picture or video) or genre of things that is spread widely online primarily through social media.

Memes are often relatable and hysterical to the viewers. Many horse show exhibitors have experienced meme-worthy moments throughout the years. Whether it be forgetting part of the pattern or having a show pad addiction, it is always fun to have a good laugh.

We scoured the Internet to find some of our favorite horse show memes and compiled our top ten favorites.

GoHorseShow found memes that take lighthearted jabs at forgetting patterns, fake smiles in showmanship, horses spooking at goofy things, the cost of our sport, explaining to others that we don’t race horses, the ups and downs of training horses and many more.

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Horse show nerves are inevitable and often overwhelming. Exhibitors work tirelessly to prepare, both mentally and physically. However, those jitters can sometimes cause one’s mind to go blank at cone A. The human brain is incredibly complex and fascinating, yet these nerves can overcome an exhibitor.

Horses are prey animals, also known as huge scaredy cats. Something as simple as a shadow or plastic bag can make a horse bolt for the horizon. Every equestrian has faced that moment when riding peacefully in the arena, then suddenly their horse spooks. The truth about our equine partners is that they can be afraid of everything and nothing all at once.

Barn time is often the highlight of the day, but it is exhausting. SpongeBob exemplifies this perfectly. Everyone arrives at the barn enthusiastic and ready to ride, then leaves a couple of hours later needing to take a long nap. Makeup, fancy clothes, etc. do not usually last a day of riding. Even though this lifestyle is exhausting, most equestrians would not change a thing.

“How was your race?”
“Do you run fast?”

Chances are that as an equestrian, you have heard one of these questions at least once. Whether it be at school or work, many non-equestrians do not know what showmanship, trail, etc. are. They do not understand and assume that all horse shows are races. Therefore, causing every exhibitors frustration and response to the question, “No, I do NOT race horses.”

This meme is hugely relatable. Horse showing is expensive and requires a lot of time. Even though most equestrians hope to attend as many shows as possible, it is not often affordable. Just owning a horse comes with many costs such as vet, farrier, board, etc. All equestrians, no matter their financial state, have experienced this moment exhibited above by Patrick Star.

This one is for all the people who have young or unfinished horses. Much like life in general, training a horse is not a simple task. There are peaks and valleys, which can often be challenging. Just as the meme shows, it is always possible to reach your goals with perseverance.

Have you ever had your name called at a show, but the announcer says it completely wrong? Maybe it was your horses’ name? If so, this one’s for you.

Whether it be a friend, parent, or trainer, chances are that you have been told this in the show pen. This is relatable to everyone and is extremely accurate.

Whether it be saddle pads, show clothes, halters, etc., every equestrian has their particular hoarding situation. However, this “addiction” is often misunderstood by non-equestrians. We are simply in love with our horse stuff.

Trying to determine when the horse show will end is not an easy task. It truly is unknown and utterly dependent on the classes throughout the day. Every exhibitor has been asked at least once, “When will the horse show end?” And thoe only honest answer, “I don’t know.”

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About the Author – Cat Guenther is a dedicated equestrian and junior in high school. When Cat is not at the barn, she focuses on her small businesses “Behind the Bit Tack Sales” and “Tack to Dye for.” Cat has four horses, a miniature horse, and a zonkey. She hopes to attend Michigan State University and study to become an equine veterinarian. Cat is extremely excited to start the all-around classes in 2018 with her new equine partner-in-crime, Royal Invite.