Which Olympic Winter Sport do you think your horse would be good at? Let us know. Photo © Anthony Nelles for USA Today Sports

We Ask the Industry: In which Winter Olympic Sport would Your Horse Win Gold?

The figure skating outfits dazzle like the world’s finest showmanship ensembles. The precision and speed of skiers on a slalom course thrill like the most breathtaking western riding pattern.

The Winter Olympics of 2018 has been full of all of the stuff competitors of any sports dream of; lifetime dreams being fulfilled, barriers being smashed and records being set.

The US Women’s Hockey team brought home an Olympic gold for the first time since 1998. Then, there was snowboarder, Chloe Kim, who completed tricks no other female snowboarder has ever done before to earn her gold medal and spot in Olympic history.

As these top athletes revel in their victories, we can imagine what it might be like if our favorite equine athletes had a chance to go for the gold, too. As the 2018 Winter Olympics come to a close this weekend, we had a little fun asking some top exhibitors which Olympic event their horse would have competed in.

Emma Edwards – I think if my horse Jack could make it to the Winter Olympics, he would make it in freestyle skating. He would be coordinated enough to perform in this event and he could put his twist on a routine. He would do some spins as well as lots and lots of lead changes. He would walk into the ice skating rink and know it’s showtime and own it. He would wear something sparkly and show off his best moves, and I think he would have a lot of fun doing it. And, he could use his show name, This Is Why I’m Here.

Amy Groefsema
– My Dream Remembered (Hank), would excel in figure skating because he loves to get all fancy and sparkly and put on a show. You can’t take your eyes off him and he is so smooth in the patterns. He loves to lift his legs and do twirls and spins; he would surely be the judges favorite to earn a gold medal. Now, my 2-year-old, Hubbout An Answer, aka Mac, would be a snowboarder. With his easy, “yeah bro” attitude and his ability to change leads, he would easily be able to ride “fakie” and switch stance, so snowboarding is perfect for him.

Lauren Stanley – My horse, Extremely Good Stuff, also known as Rooster, would be a member of the curling team. Rooster would be the one who launches the stone down the ice into the circle to earn the most points for his team. Rooster would play in this position because he’s extremely athletic and accurate with his movements, but also very slow, so he could never keep up with the pace of other events.

Meg Depalma-Whelan – We’ve been trying to watch a little bit of the Winter Olympics every night. While I have absolutely no talent for snow or ice, I think if some of my horses had to participate, it’d be pretty impressive. Sleepin (Pax) I think would be a figure skater. He’s very natural, with tons of rhythm. When he lopes, it’s so graceful to watch. Put him to music on the ice, and he’d be my gold medalist. Hotroddin Ona Harley would surely enjoy the Super G which is a combination of the giant slalom, speed and technical events. Harley loves challenging trail courses. The tighter the maneuver, the higher the pole, the better he performs. Good or bad, he can twist and turn with the best of them, which is why I think he’d shine in this event. #blackmagic for gold!

Kathryn Devries Mitchell
– This is an easy one, Good Money Machine would be a figure skater. She’s graceful and pretty, but still athletic. She likes to be clean and dressed up and to have all eyes on her.





Natalia DeVencenty
– Although I love Chex [Chex is the Choice] to death, I’m not entirely sure he would make it to the Olympics. He doesn’t enjoy any physical activity and he would not conform to any “healthy” diet. Not to mention, he’s very camera shy. I think he would be better at managing the team and working behind the scenes. Maybe if chess was an Olympic sports Chex could be an Olympian. #DidntMakeTheOlympics #WorkSmarterNotHarder!

Brandy Baldwin Bunting – If Ms Mae Flash was in the Winter Olympics, I think she would be best at the ice dancing competition. First and foremost because several of the other events are timed and nothing about speed interests Mae. Also, I can see her looking pretty with her hair and makeup done and going out and dancing an elegant performance –just like how she shows.


Laurel Champlin
– My horse, Look N Hott aka JJ, would compete in halfpipe snowboarding. You never know what’s going to happen, and JJ knows all the tricks.




Tiina Volmer – My horse, Beter Late Thn Never (Rainman), would be a curler. He is originally from Canada where the sport is popular. There is a lot of strategy and skill, but not a lot of strenuous exercises. Rainman is brilliant but does not join in group events or follow the herd. He is very persistent and would practice endlessly to perfect his skill; he gives his heart for everything and would go for the GOLD.



Would your horse make the Olympics? If so, what sport would your horse be good at? Let us know in the comments.


About the Author: A native Michigander, Rachel Kooiker is a lover of horses who loves to write. She competes in all-around Amateur events with her APHA gelding, Hoos Real. She graduated from Grand Valley State University with a BA in English and Psychology and an MA in Curriculum & Instruction. She and her husband Drew operate Kooiker Show Horses, where they stand APHA World Champion Im the Secret.