David Busick and Mo West enjoying themselves in Vegas. Photo © GoHorseShow

Kimes Kandids, Results and Live Stream from 2018 Silver Dollar Circuit

The Las Vegas Silver Dollar Circuit has once again topped the year prior in stall reservations with another year of increases. This show never disappoints with so many selling points. Not only is there convenience with having the barn, arena, hotel, casino, restaurants and entertainment under one roof, but there’s tons of fun to be had here.

The city that never sleeps has lots to offer in the way of night life, but nothing topped the action at the Cinch Bar on Monday night in the South Point Equestrian Centre. The Silver Dollar Circuit, along with Laina and Ken Banks, hosted a Karaoke exhibitor party.


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Another night that is a must for Silver Dollar exhibitors is the annual Saturday night at the Spazmatics. Although it is not slotted as part of the Silver Dollar show schedule, regulars of the show claim they never miss this show while at the South Point. The super geeks from the Spazmatics play all of the 80’s greats. Beware: this night will lead to singing, dancing and overall bonding with competitors.

About the Silver Dollar Circuit:

The Silver Dollar Circuit is the largest all-around circuit in the nation (providing no cattle, speed or reining events). It is touted for its strong focus on exhibitors and sponsors. Running for 42 years, this show pulls exhibitors from all over the world to compete at the exceptional South Point facility. For more information about the show, please visit www.silverdollarcircuit.com.