Darol Rodrock during the WPT DeepStacks Jacksonville event. Photo © Drew Amato

Legendary Horse Breeder Darol Rodrock Picks Up a New Game

It’s no secret that the game of poker brings people together from all walks of life, but every now and then you come across a person so extraordinary that their story deserves an even brighter spotlight. Making his debut on Poker After Dark tomorrow, Darol Rodrock is one of those extraordinary people, and by shining a light on his life, its struggles and accomplishments, we hope to generate awareness for a cause he’s been fighting for all his life: The foster care system in the United States.

Rodrock is a businessman, entrepreneur, and coach who beat astronomical odds to get where he is today. With his Darol Rodrock Foundation, the businessman and poker aficionado hopes to improve the lives of foster kids in the United States, as he spent most of his childhood without the love and care of his parents.

“I’m the one-outer. I’ve beaten the statistics,” Rodrock said, before providing context to his life story and the childhood struggles he had to go through.

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