Amateur, Lisa Mazurka (pictured here), who rides with Powder Brook Farm adds, “The show seems to be increasing in attendance like it was years ago." Photo © Cody Parmenter

Kimes Kandids and Rundown from the Florida Winter Circuits

The Florida Winter Circuits are about to wrap up with the last days of the final circuit underway in Venice, Florida. We talked to a few exhibitors who have been competing in Florida about their experiences this year.

“The Tampa circuit weather was very chilly, but the competition was hot!” amateur, Scott Reinartz told us. “Classes had great numbers and we had time to do activities off grounds. Venice started a little cool but has warmed up to expected Florida weather. We had a little rain one night, but the arenas dried up fast and we were able to show.”

Amateur exhibitor, Sarah Lebsock from Ohio agreed with Scott’s sentiments. “I love showing in Florida. The show management is fabulous and keeps the show moving regardless of how hard mother nature tries to slow it down,” says Sarah, who ended up the Amateur All Around for the Gulf Coast. “The competition is always top notch and the horses are so much happier, which makes showing that much more fun. There’s always so much to do, either on the grounds with everyone or out on the town.”

Amateur, Lisa Mazurka, who rides with Powder Brook Farm adds, “The show seems to be increasing in attendance like it was years ago. It makes traveling to the show worth it. This year, the North East was colder than ever, so my barn mates and I were thrilled to be here. They changed the Venice schedule a bit and we loved it. They incorporated a day off which made it nice to have a break and be able to do something fun and enjoy the weather. This year, the schedule also seems to be much more relaxed. All in all, we had about five days of pretty cold weather for Florida, but the rest of the days have been quite nice and warm and sunny.”

Youth exhibitor, Ashley Roach told us that there were significant prizes for circuit championships and high points as well as a fun New Year’s Eve dinner. “Overall, it was a great show experience with great people, horses and plenty of opportunities to get qualifying points.”

CLICK HERE to view the Kimes Candids sponsored by Kimes Ranch Apparel and kindly taken by Cody Parmenter, Sarah Lebsock and others.