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Frozen Semen Now Available from Late, Leading Sire, A Good Machine

In 2011, leading sire, A Good Machine (Mac), unexpectedly passed away. Up until this point, his untimely death has prevented this talented stallion from continuing to build his legendary legacy. However, there is no question that before his passing, the 19-year-old stud left his mark. Mac is still on AQHA and NSBA’s Leading Sire list with famous offspring including Whatscookngoodlookin, Machine Made, The Lopin Machine, Good I Will Be and One Lopin RV Machine, to name a few.

Rick McDonald of McEquine Enterprise in Whitesboro, Texas now owns the rights to A Good Machine’s frozen semen. McDonald is currently offering 30 lots to the public. Each lot will include eight straws of frozen semen for $4,000, which includes one breeder’s certificate. If the mare owner gets more than one foal out of the eight straws, they may purchase additional breeder’s certificates for $1,500.

“When Mac was alive, the mares he was bred to had a 90 percent conception rate, so the semen available is very high quality,” Rick explains. “After these lots are sold, I will be offering more frozen semen, but the price will be increased each time due to the decreasing supply.”

McDonald adds, “His record pretty much speaks for itself. Mac is very well respected in the industry and his foals have earned well over one million dollars in earnings. I would like to further his legacy by producing more high-quality foals by him.”

Rick speaks very highly of Mac and says that his offspring have excellent durability and trainability. “They have turned into great all-around horses. His babies have been very mature and easy to handle. He has been a very consistent sire and I look forward to seeing more of his babies on the ground and in the show arena.”

McEquine Enterprise is a one-stop shop that offers clients services including mare care, freezing semen, embryo transfers, sales prep, foaling out and a stallion station.

For more information about breeding your mare to A Good Machine and other services Rick offers, please contact him at (903) 816-1559 or email him at