For the finishing touch in your horse-showing look, make sure the silver on your bridle, bit and saddle is clean. Photo © The American Quarter Horse Journal

Winning is in the Details

Follow these tips to make your overall horse-showing look, tidy and balanced.

Whether you’re a serious competitor, a horse show mom or a trainer, you know it’s important to sweat the small stuff at horse shows. Image is everything, and you don’t want to overlook the fine points.

“Details are so important,” says trainer Dana Hokana of Temecula, California. “That extra finish really matters. In western pleasure, the main thing the judges see is your profile, so make sure it’s just right. Double-check everything.”

Before you enter the arena, Dana recommends having someone with a knowledgeable eye walk around you and your horse. Notice straps not tucked in, dusty boots or dull silver.

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