Blazing Hot's AQHA and APHA foals have earned over 3.5 million dollars, 73,401 points, 27 World Championships and 24 Reserve World Championships. Photo © Impulse Photography

Blazing Hot and Friends Internet Production Sale Coming Soon

The Blazing Hot and Friends Internet Production Sale will be held December 4th through the 6th on the Professional Horse Services auction site. There will be multiple horses featured including several outstanding yearlings raised by well-known breeder, Joan Logan Schroeder of Kiowa Ranch.

“I have offered these prospects for sale because I will be standing several stallions including Batt Man, Blazing Hot, Elvis On Impulse, Extremely Hot Chips, John Simon and Nite Moves. With the increase of my stallion lineup, I will be too busy to develop them like they need to be. All of the yearlings are out of producing mares and they are some of the best prospects I have ever bred,” Joan proudly states.

Schroeder, a member of the AQHA Studbook and Registration Committee, has a passion for breeding high quality horses that will help further the breed. Joan has recently sold several World and Congress Champions in past production sales.

“Two World Champions this year were out of mares I sold in my sales. Also, the latest and most exciting news for Masterson Farms as well as me, they bought, CP Surely The Best, out of the Blazing Hot daughter, Sure A Pretty Blaze. This mare sold in my World Salebration sale in 2010 at the AQHA World Show for $81,000, to Ms. Kath Flynn who flew from Australia just to buy her. She took her home, developed her into being one of the most celebrated show mares ever in Australia winning numerous Championship titles including the Sr. Western Pleasure Derby Championship at the prestigious National Pleasure Horse Association Australian Show. She now is making her mark all over the world as her father has in reproducing greatness…makes me smile.”

Most of the prospects available in the internet production sale are by Blazing Hot. This legendary sire and NSBA Hall of Fame inductee really needs no introduction. He was the first western pleasure stallion to have won the Congress and/or World Show in his two, three and four year-old year consecutively. He is also the only horse to ever win World Championships in Junior Western Pleasure and Western Riding, and this was accomplished on the same day at the 1996 AQHA World Show.

“Blazing Hot has broken records as a pleasure horse sire in my opinion because of his bottom line–three generations of great mares that produced great offspring. No other stallion in the industry can state that today,” Joan says. “We all know good mamas are imperative in raising good kids.”

As well as the dam side, Schroeder stresses that the father’s side is just as important. “You increase your chances in producing greatness when both top and bottom bloodlines are of superior genetics. I have always believed that the strengths of the Doc Bar line of Blazing Hot’s sire, Hotrodders Jet Set, gave the strength needed on the Zippo Pine Bar line. Blazing Hot’s mother, Tahnee Zippo, was the first mare bred to Hotrodders Jet Set.”

His AQHA and APHA foals have earned over 3.5 million dollars, 73,401 points, 27 World Championships and 24 Reserve World Championships. “He will continue to influence the show horse industry for many years to come through his sons, daughters and their offspring,” Joan says.

While Schroeder will be standing some up-and coming sires, Blazing Hot still has excellent cooled semen and will be standing to the public again in 2018 at Kiowa Ranch.

Blazing Hot’s offspring are eligible for the Western Pleasure Super Sires Program which has paid out over $330,000 to non-pros in five years.

Joan is known for breeding, raising and training many champions including Blazing Hot, Hot N Spicy Me, Prettiest Jet Yet, Born To Be Blazing, A Slow Burn, Hot Lopin Louise, Sure Am Hot, I Like Hot Chips, As Shes Walkin Away, Extremely Hot Chips and the list goes on and on….

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For information on How to Register and Bid in the Blazing Hot & Friends Internet Production Sale, go here or contact Mike and Stephanie Jennings of Professional Horse Services, LLC at 855-272-3905 or email

Be sure to check out some of the prospects below and tune into the sale that starts on December 4th.

Lot 17 – UPTOWN BLAZER – If you are searching for a stallion prospect, look no further! His dam, Return To Radical, is a full sister to the beautiful and successful show mare, Certainly Inspired, ($170,00+ earnings) who won the Congress Master’s with Rusty Green; his granddam is one of the greatest producers of all time… a strong bottom line is the most important ingredient to making a successful breeding stallion. UPTOWN BLAZER is a handsome colt that has all the body parts to aid him with a great jog and lope that is easy for him both ways. He has everything it takes to be the next great show horse by Blazing Hot with the potential of becoming a strong sire himself. He has grown evenly and been sound his entire life without injury.

Lot 1 – SO HOT – As in Joan’s past record-setting sales that consisted of over-the-top yearlings, show horses and producing mares, she is putting one of her best stallion prospects to start the sale off with a Blazing Hot Bang. SO HOT is a beautiful bay stallion that is a strong and level 15.1 hands at 20 months old. He has a beautiful head and neck, and his shoulders and withers sit on him to ensure a flat knee…of course he has the hock that Blazing Hot is famous for! He has been sound his entire life without injury. His dam, My Precious Lexus, a full sister to the great mare, Vested Faith, has produced four (4) AQHA & APHA World Champions, one of the Champions is by Blazing Hot’s son, Born To Be Blazing.

Lot 4 – WHATS COOKING – This colt is also a product of superior bloodlines, top and bottom, and he has the ability to be a stallion that makes his own mark as a sire. WHATS COOKING has a respectful personality with intelligence that aims to please…he is a quick learner. As his dam, A Cooki For Certain, and her daughter, Whatscookngoodlookin,  he is a great jogger and a strong loping colt. He has been sound his entire life without injury.

Lot 6 – REAL HOT PROPERTY – So much to talk about when looking at this colt… “Dirk” is 16 hands at the hip at 22 months of age; he is strong, he is beautiful, and he is kind and willing. “Dirk” has a family that is second to none when you include his great granddam, Really In Trouble, and the magic that happened when she was bred to Blazing Hot… the outcome was maybe one of the most famous show mares of all time, Rusty, Katie & Deanna Green’s famous show mare, Blazinmytroublesaway. REAL HOT PROPERTY is just that…he is a good jogger, can long trot, and his lope is out of this world. “Dirk” has the ability to be the next Hot N Blazing to the Hunter Under Saddle world…he can trot slot enough to do the Western, and has a natural lead change and carriage that will ensure him a future of All Around…Dirk can be the next great stallion…he is the Real Deal! He has been sound his entire life without injury.

Lot 8 – STAR QUALITY – A great moving daughter of Blazing Hot out of the Champion producing mare Lopins Dream who was out of one of the greatest mares of our times, Born Lopin…this family has produced numerous Champions, most recently The Lopin Machine! She was bred once on May 8, 2017, and is in foal to Nite Moves, for a baby due April 12, 2018. She had professional training in her 2-year-old year, and 60 days with Gil Galyean in early spring 2017, and the funds ran out. Blazing Hot daughters have more than proven themselves as Champion producing mares, most recently with Ken & Marilyn Masterson’s great mare, KM WeKnowShesHot. Buy her to ride or buy her to breed, you will not be disappointed!

Lot 9 – HOT COOK – A full sibling from a double embryo flush from the great A Cooki For Certain, born 2 days earlier than his brother, WHAT’S COOKING…comments are the same and he has also been sound his entire life without injury!

Lot 12 – CERTAINLY HOTNSPICY – This is an extraordinary moving filly with a fantastic personality that aims to please and is quick to learn. Once again, all you have to do is look at her Mama’s pedigree and you will quickly see that this mare is no accident, she is destined to be a great one! She is as flat in front as you could ask for with deep hocks that flow in unison as great pleasure horses have the natural ability to do. She has grown evenly and has been sound her entire life without injury.

Lot 13 – HOLY DIESEL BATTMAN – A very special colt that has so much going for him…and it starts with his movement, looks and most importantly, his sire…BATT MAN…who continues to sire Champions in Western Pleasure as well as all events; Batt Man’s sire earnings are now over $500,000! Another plus to this colt, HOLY DIESEL BATTMAN, he is eligible for the All American Quarter Horse Congress Super Sale money! (Mike & Stephanie, I did not look up the correct verbiage for the sale)

Lot 14 – GRACED BY BLAZE – (pictured left) This mare is appropriately named, she is full of Grace and Poise! She is a big, strong mare that will definitely fit in the Open Futurity pen, and has an elegance about her with a kind personality. Her dam was unshown due to injury, but, her granddam was Jay Starnes Champion Western Pleasure mare while he was in youth, plus that mare is by Zips Chocolate Chip, one of Blazing Hot’s top crosses. Do not miss this chance as she has been raised with quality care, has grown evenly and has been sound her entire life without injury.

Lot 19 – IT GOT HOT – A full sibling to Lot 1, SO HOT, and he is equally a great mover, with the height and strength to show in Open Western Pleasure events as a young horse, and then go to All-Around events, as he is a natural lead changer and quick to learn. IT GOT HOT is a really good colt that should set the World on fire! His dam, My Precious Lexus, a full sister to the great mare, Vested Faith, has produced four (4) AQHA & APHA World Champions, one of her Champion offspring is by Blazing Hot’s son, Born To Be Blazing. He has grown evenly and been sound his entire life without injury.

Lot 20 – MY DOLLIE IS HOT – Here is the next Futurity Champion…no judge is going to miss this mare in the pen as she is absolutely striking with her white markings and her great movement. “Dollie” is out of Brett Parrish’s great show mare, TOOTSEE ROLL, who has earnings over $32,000, and the dam of Brent & Heather Caplinger’s 2017 Champion Yearling Longe Line filly, This Toots Is Hot. I am excited to watch this beautiful mare’s future in the show ring and know she will make a successful producer. She is a good investment as the Blazing Hot and RL Best Of Sudden cross produces Champions over and over! MY DOLLIE IS HOT has been raised with love, quality Purina feed and care, she has been sound her entire life without injury.

Lot 22 – RIDIN A LEXUS – Even though this gelding is very green, you can see in his video that he is a good mover. He has shown abilities to change leads, go over logs and is quiet and easy. I was hoping to guide him to the show pen, but, time in the breeding barn prevents me from attaining this goal! He is eligible for the Western Pleasure Super Sire’s $10,000 1st prize in the 3 year-old Non-Pro Open or Limited event next July at Tom Powers Futurity in Michigan or the following year in the new Non-Pro Trail event in which 1st place will pay $5,000…he could easily pay for himself! He has been sound his entire life.

Lot 24 – ROCKING HOT – A strong and pretty colt that is a full brother to Lot 15, GRACED BY BLAZE. This colt also has the natural movement that will take him to the winner’s circle in either open or non-pro events with a future in Western Pleasure and has the look and is naturally athletic to compete in all-around events as he ages. Remember, he is eligible as a 3-year-old for the WPSS event as are all of the Blazing Hot yearlings in this sale! ROCKING HOT has grown evenly and been sound his entire life without injury.

Lot 25 – SHEZ THE RAVE (pictured right) – Absolutely stunning describes this young mare by Elvis On Impulse (sire of high selling yearling @ Tom Powers 2017 sale!) out of a producing daughter by Radical Rodder. She is as sweet as she is good looking! Her mind, movement and pedigree says it all. She will make a great youth or amateur horse deluxe while she can produce babies that bring you the bucks!

Lot – 27 – BEHOLD THE DREAM – This beautiful, double registered AQHA/APHA mare is by Dale Livingston’s popular young stallion, Im A Platinum Dream, and out of an RL Best Of Sudden daughter. She was one of the high-selling yearlings in the Tom Powers Futurity Sale, but, due to an injury she did not get to the show arena…and neither did Blazing Hot’s Mama! She is sound and healthy, bred on the 1st breeding to one of the hottest stallions going, EXTREMELY HOT CHIPS, multiple World Champion sire in both AQHA and APHA. EHC is the stallion that keeps on ticking those titles off while standing to a full book of quality mares! BEHOLD THE DREAM was bred on April 26, 2017, with a due date of April 1, 2018.

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