Planning your pattern is essential for a successful execution. Photo © Sarah Elder Chabot

How to Successfully Navigate Your Pattern in the Show Ring

You wouldn’t set off on a journey without mapping out a course. Don’t set off in a horse-showing pattern course without planning just as carefully.

Think of each new arena as a new territory to be mastered, and you’ll find yourself navigating patterns with ease – or at least with a plan.

People who show with me have to have two things in their pocket all the time: a schedule of events for the day and a copy of patterns they’ll be doing that day.

If you have a schedule, you don’t have to be nervous because you’re not sure whether you’re in the next class or the fifth class or the 10th.

the pattern with you, because there is nothing worse than developing a plan for the pattern, then arriving at the arena and realizing the pattern isn’t what you envisioned.

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