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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Marsha Stigge of Award Decor

Marsha Stigge of Award Decor is the next individual featured in our popular series, “10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me”. Marsha Stigge and Dionne Stigge Rucker had toyed with the design concept for a “jacket pillow” for several years. Marsha had operated a custom home interior workroom for the design trade for more than 20 years, specializing in pillows, cushions, and bedding.

Since she already had all the needed industrial equipment and space to develop this product, it was an easy transition to start working on heavy duty fabrics. It took a semi-sound 16-year-old horse with pre-paid entries (for the 2014 AQHA World Championships) that ended up not attending to kick-start Award Décor.

Dionne was kind enough to donate her closet full of jackets to be the original “samples.” Since the two loved attending the AQHA World Championship shows, they weren’t going to miss it. Samples in hand, they attended the show, and the interest was immediate. The motto of “Get them out of the closet” is what started the entire venture.

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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Marsha Stigge

1. I’m not a “horse person” although I have observed and taken enough lessons to appreciate the dedication and passion required to excel in this sport. I did take showmanship lessons briefly from the forever patient Jennifer McGrath and faked my way to a novice circuit championship at the Lucky 7.  Lots of support and encouragement was provided by Jake, the Wonder Horse (thanks, Kamiah!) and the horse showing community who clothed and guided me through the ordeal. Once was enough for me and everyone else. I much prefer cheering others on and watching them work their magic.

2. I am a Registered Dietitian but no longer practice. A minor degree in chemistry from University of California Davis was earned during my undergraduate studies, and I remain completely baffled as to how that was accomplished.

3. I have been sewing since I was ten years old. My mother wasn’t a skilled seamstress, so I was mentored by several of my peers’ mothers and began making costumes for baton twirling competitions.

4. I was a competitive baton twirler for 10+ years and held California State and Western States Championship titles. I also was an instructor of twirling, dance, drum majoring and color guard at summer camps in the western U.S. throughout my college years.

5. I can juggle and tap dance and do neither well.

6. My 11th great grandfather was Myles Standish, captain of the pilgrim’s Mayflower ship.

7. I love watching individual sports (figure skating, gymnastics,equestrian, rhythmic dance).

8. I hoard sewing machines and fabrics.

9. I am THE WORLD’S WORST SALES PERSON. I can talk most anyone out of buying most anything. My short-lived career in real estate was a disaster.

10. Contrary to popular belief, I have been known to consume wine poured from an actual bottle.

Thanks Marsha! Make sure to check out her ad in the September GoMag.