Taking time away from riding to clean is no fun, but necessary for maintaining a safe barn. Photo © AQHA

Housekeeping Tips for an Equestrian

Get your spring started off right and eliminate fire hazards and other potential dangers from your barn.

What can you do on your farm to minimize the likelihood of accidents and fires?

For every threat of a mishap, there’s unusually a simple safety measure that you can apply to eliminate or drastically reduce the possibility of an accident. However, you need to make sure you are looking in all the right places for possible pitfalls.

The following safety tips can help you to reduce accidents and even save lives, but their effectiveness will depend on how frequently you use them – and on how well you communicate to others on your premises the importance of using them too. A successful safety program requires consistent supervision and planning. While these checklists do not take the place of the advice given by fire and police departments, utility specialists, and other trained professionals, they will provide suggestions for what to look for and how to establish your own safety program.

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