Repetition and patience are the keys to achieving the perfect setup with young horses. Photo © The American Quarter Horse Journal

Horse Showing Tip: The Perfect Setup with Ted Turner

Teach young halter horses to set up in five easy steps while horse-showing.

It looks like magic. A young halter horse, standing so still, so perfectly, with his head held high and his ears perked forward. He almost looks like a beautiful bronze statue. But it’s not magic. All it takes is repetition and patience, says AQHA Professional Horseman Ted Turner Jr. He offers these five steps for achieving the perfect setup.

Step One
The first thing a young horse needs to learn is the word “whoa.” This should be your favorite word when training a young horse to set up. It not only means stop, it also means to stand still.

When you first start teaching your horse to stand, you will need to hand-set his feet. Always set the foot opposite from you first. Start with the right hind foot and then the left. Next, set the right front foot and then the left.

Once he is square, make him stand there to learn what you are asking of him. If he moves, say “whoa” and go through hand setting him up again.

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