Summerama 2017 held at Orangeville Fairgrounds approximately 45 minutes north of Toronto, Ontario is Canada’s largest Quarter Horse show. Photo © Summerama

 Summerama: Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday

What a great way to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday on July 1st – sharing time with friends, family and our American Quarter Horses at Summerama 2017. Exhibitors really “got into” the spirit of Canada 150 sporting the red and white in a variety of ways, including free exhibitor t-shirts. Summerama 2017 welcomed participants from a number of Canadian provinces, as well as the U.S.

Summerama 2017 held at Orangeville Fairgrounds approximately 45 minutes north of Toronto, Ontario is Canada’s largest Quarter Horse show and in 2016 was ranked third in AQHA for four-judge shows. The show is hosted by the Area 3 Quarter Horse Promotional Club. Summerama 2017 was bigger and better than ever.

The show moved to a five-judge show – so lots of points to be had in some large classes. The show schedule was modified from previous years to allow for more balanced show days and time at the end of the day to enjoy some fun activities outside of the show ring.

Summerama 2017 offered circuit awards for all classes, high point and reserve high point awards in each division, payback in a selection of AQHA classes and NSBA classes. The ever popular free exhibitor dinner returned to Summerama 2017, celebrating Canada 150.

There were several 6 and 7 point classes across the Amateur and Open divisions. It was great to see nice numbers in the Rookie and Level 1 classes – new exhibitors trying an AQHA show for the first time or exhibitors experiencing a new class. The Trail pen was a busy place with over 1,050 entries across all divisions.

The show schedule included the Ontario All Breed Futurity Series (OABFS). The OABFS began in 2015 to encourage the growth, breeding and selling of young horses in Ontario and to provide an opportunity for owners and exhibitors to earn prize money and receive one of the prestigious NSBA bronze trophies. The 2017 program launched at Summerama and continues at two additional Ontario show circuits during the summer. At the end of the three circuits, the horse with the highest number of points is declared the overall champion in each respective class.

The Ontario Amateur Quarter Horse Association (OAQHA) held a silent auction during Summerama 2017. The auction included products and services such as riding lessons, braiding and farrier services. In conjunction with the silent auction, the OABFS hosted a trainer auction which featured a selection of Ontario’s finest trainers who had kindly donated one month’s training services. Both auctions were a great success and will support their respective programs within Ontario. The OAQHA and OABFS would like to thank those who donated and bid on these items for this great fundraiser.

One of the show’s highlights was a new, fun, youth team building event – Area 3’s Amazing Challenge. The response was incredible and 4 teams of 10 youth made their way around the Orangeville Fairgrounds visiting 12 check points with all members required to hold onto a team rope. The check points included trivia questions, puzzles or identifying landmarks on the show grounds. Tons of fun, lots of laughs, new friendships made and each participant took away a gift and hat donated by the event sponsor RNR Patient Transfer Services. Betcha we see a return of this event in 2018 and there is talk of a similar event for the over 18 set.

View the slideshow below of pictures from the show.

Congratulations to the following High Point and Reserve High Point division winners.

Level 1 Amateur Walk/Trot
HP: Special Dynamics and Kristi Carroll
RHP: Rock Me Mama and Sarah Patterson

Rookie Amateur
HP: Talk N Te and Ellen Cottrell
RHP: Lazys Got the Blues and Leah Xuereb

Level 1 Amateur
HP: Luvin Me and Mackenzie Burns
RHP: Jukebox Charlie and Holly Robinson

HP: MS Mae Flash and Brandy Baldwin-Bunting
RHP: So Simple So Good and Rianna Storey

Amateur Select
HP: Zips Fancy Talk and Kim Allen
RHP: Only A Party For Two and April Souwand

Level 1 Youth Walk/Trot
HP: Feelin Lazy and Emma Charpontier
RHP: Thissecretsakeeper and Abigail Parker-Spratt Dunlevy

Rookie Youth
HP: Good And Tasty and Monica Collins
RHP: Likely Potential and Maddison Woodrow

Level 1 Youth
HP: Sleepy Monn and Amber Zabel
RHP: Likely Potential and Maddison Woodrow

Youth 13&Under
HP: Surely A Good Cowboy and Shelby McIlwraith
RHP: RR Im For Certain and Emily Yates

Youth 14-18
HP: Show Your Invitation and Sharese Rivait
RHP: Lopin To The Bar and Hannah Buijs

Level 1 (Green) Horse
HP: Goodgirltilmoonlight and Jessica Lange
RHP: Cool Lady Lopin and Andrew Dewar

Open Horse
HP: Cool Lady Lopin and Andrew Dewar
RHP: Simple Kinda Cowgirl and Blair Woodley

A special thank you to the show sponsors, volunteers, board members and show management for an amazing Summerama 2017. Plans are already in the works for next year – don’t miss out on this fantastic show experience….. to learn more about Summerama and the great shows offered by the Area 3 Quarter Horse Promotional Club visit

Photo credits to: Lone Oak Equine Photography (Mary White), Stephanie Burns, Scott Carmichael, Judi Woodley, Rose Schmidt, Mark Grice, Julie Huppe