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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Carrie Geldner

Select Amateur, Carrie Geldner of Greensboro, North Carolina, has led a fascinating life. We tracked her down to be in our “10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me” series, and she did not disappoint. For the past three years, her family has been under the guidance of Keith Miller of Miller Quarter Horses. Geldner shows multiple AQHA World and Congress Champion, Must Be A Detail, in the hunt seat classes, equitation, western riding, and horsemanship. In 2016, this team was Top 15 in all of these events at the Select World Show and Congress.

This year, Geldner is showing Sleep Alibit Longer (Hank), a 2012 Gelding by Too Sleepy To Zip, in the hunter under saddle classes. “Hank is phenomenal,” Carrie told us (pictured right). “My daughter and I watched Farley (McLendon) and Hank for the past two years and we have loved him so much. I am thrilled to be able to show Hank at the upcoming summer and world shows. He and Farley Sliss have won so much and he is such a gifted horse.”

Lastly, Geldner says she loves showing with her daughter, Hannah Warren, who is showing her new horse, Dreamin To Extreme, at the upcoming AQHYA and NSBA World Shows.

Carrie Geldner’s 10 Things

1. I live on a small farm with three of everything. Not sure why, it just worked out that way. Three horses – retired show horses and a mini, three dogs, three chickens, three cars…it goes on.

2. I love to paint. I don’t have much time for it but when I do take time, I do oils and acrylics on canvas-abstracts and scenery, mostly farm life.

3. I got my centers (Tanger Outlets which is comprised of 43 outlet centers in 22 states) in the Guinness Book of World Records. We had all of our shopping centers host a huge party at the same time to celebrate a significant anniversary and simultaneously celebrated on the New York Stock Exchange (pictured left). We had thousands at each of our properties eat cake at the same time and set a record.

4. When I’m not working or showing, I love to snow ski with the family and be out west. It’s a great time to be together and have fun.

5. I have an obsessive problem with cleaning. I vacuum almost every day before leaving the house.

6. In college, I went on tour for a little bit with the band, The Police. So fun! At the time, my roommate and I went to a concert and some guy came and pulled us backstage. Then, they asked if we wanted to go the next show with them…anyway, we did! We just kept going on the bus with them and to gigs for like a month. Finally, we had to get back to real life. It’s was a once in a lifetime experience. They are super nice, and they were very good looking. (laughs)

7. I have two beautiful girls that are nine years apart. They are, and will always be, my greatest accomplishment. I raised them as a single mom most of their lives. I have amazing stepchildren, too.

8. I have a shopping problem. Way too much fashion, shoes, and bags or any horse stuff or my new addiction, home goods.

9. I think Luke Bryan is adorable.

10. Sushi, red wine and the sound of waves at the beach are my salvation. I find peace in all of them and like to enjoy them often.

10 1/2. My happiest place is on a horse. I love everything about them since I was three years old. I can’t (or certainly don’t want to) live a day without them.


Thanks, Carrie, for giving us insight into your life. Stay tuned for more fun articles from this series.