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Sales Paddock App – Revolutionizing the Horse Sales Industry

Developed by equestrian Alison Koenig, Sales Paddock is an innovative app as mobile as you are. Made for busy horse pros to manage their sale horses at home or on the road. No need to be on your computer, list horses from your phone in less than 2 minutes. Easy to use features such as filter, share, chat, save and alert make Sales Paddock the next generation in buying and selling horses. GoHorseShow sat down with Alison to ask her more about her innovative new app set to revolutionize the horse sales industry.

Q: Hi Alison! Thanks for sitting down with us. So tell us where the idea of Sales Paddock came from?
A: My frustration of selling horses. Most of the current avenues for selling are cluttered, unorganized, not mobile friendly and none of them were great to try to use for horse shows. Facebook groups were a start; we made it even better.

I love this quote from Steve Jobs: “I think it was Henry Ford once said, ‘If I had given customers what they wanted, they would
have said a faster horse.’ People don’t know what they want until you show them.”

That’s what we did, we made something people didn’t even know they needed, but once they try it, they love it.

Q: So it’s an app for selling at horse shows?
A: That’s definitely how it started. I trained AQHA hunters and went to the Congress every year. I brought sale horses and I knew if any place needed something like Sales Paddock, it was Congress.

That first launch was nothing like the app we have today; it was very basic. Now it’s a sale horse management tool.

Q: But still only at horse shows?
A: No, we now have “Around You” so your sale horses can always be found by location, whether at a show or not. But of course, the coolest part, what made us different, is the horse show element. So now all the horses are listed in the Around You tab, but you can still “check them in” to popular shows.

Q: What makes Sales Paddock different than a traditional sale site?
A: Everything. People need to discover it for themselves. Everyone that has downloaded it and added horses tell me how easy it is. Even the people that are self-proclaimed tech dummies. It will always be free to download and is currently free to list horses, go on there and list a horse. You can delete it immediately if you want (just swipe left). Sales Paddock gives you the same

Sales Paddock provides you with the same basics of a traditional site: full listing with photos and videos; filters; share to social sites, text, and email; save your favorites. But you also get exclusive features: Chat within app between buyers and sellers; “Check In” horses to popular shows; Ride Alerts; and of course, completely mobile friendly.

Q: What’s a Ride Alert?
A: Ride Alerts are exclusive to Sales Paddock, and we are so excited for people to try it. From the seller dashboard, you can send a notification that you are going to ride or show a horse in your profile. You customize the alert, for example: “heading to show Sr Pleasure in the Gilligan, split 4.” It doesn’t go to everyone, only users who have saved the horse. One alert notifies your entire prospective buyer list. We feel this feature has enormous potential for targeting and creating efficiency in the buying process.

Q: What else is coming from Sales Paddock?
A: We are most excited about the Android release in the next month or so, we know our users are too! We already have in the works separate tack vendors and services sections. From there, we feel we will continue to innovate to stay the most useful tool for horse professionals.

Q: Where can we find out more?
A: You can go to our website, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.