The first entry deadline for both the WCHA Breeders Championship Futurity is coming up fast.

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First Entry Deadline is June 1!

The first entry deadline for both the WCHA Breeders Championship Futurity is coming up fast. Click here to download the entry forms or visit for all forms and information. Questions? Call the WCHA Office at 682-312-5356.

The Yellow Rose Futurity is a WCHA event hosted by the PHBA World Show in Tunica, MS for 2017. This event will feature 2017 weanling and 2016 yearlings sired by WCHA Futurity enrolled stallions.

To make both weanlings and yearlings eligible the Yellow Rose Futurity will be asking each stallion owner for a $200 donation fee that can either be paid by the stallion owner or an interested participant who has offspring sired by a stallion from the WCHA list. These donations will be added to each class purse.

Trophies, checks, and prizes will be awarded to the owner/ exhibitor at The Yellow Rose Futurity at the time of the show. All WCHA rules and regulations will be followed at this event. Any stallion owner interested in being added to the WCHA list, please contact the WCHA office.

Bonuses will be paid to the highest placing Palomino/ Palomino Bred weanling in each division of fillies, geldings, and colts. To be eligible for Palomino/ Palomino Bred bonuses the horse must be a registered with PHBA.

All exhibitors must be current members of both PHBA and WCHA and in good standing.

This Futurity is dedicated to Non-Pro competition only, with five Weanling and Yearling Classes held. Exhibitor must be a Non-Pro member of WCHA to be eligible for competition. Is your foal eligible? Click here to find out!


Need assistance in getting that futurity prospect ready for competition? The WCHA Trainers Sale offers a slate premier trainers who are prepared to give you one month of training at their facility at the cost of only $700. Hurry, these industry professionals are going fast! Click here to view the list of available trainers.