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Sun Circuit Show Ring Fashion: What’s Everyone Wearing This Year?

If someone brought fashion designer Olivier Rousteing, Balmain’s Creative Director, to the 2017 Arizona Sun Circuit, he would be right in his element.

Bold patterns, pitch black contrasting fresh neutrals, precise detailing, pops of color and convertible tops are at the forefront of today’s show ring style. Just when you thought contouring was only for your face, it’s plastered all over the bodices of today’s sparkling show jackets.

So how do you achieve arena style straight out of Vogue? Let’s sort through the trends and take a jog down high fashion’s current runways.

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Body Contouring

If you know anything about makeup these days, everyone is contouring their face which is shading and highlighting it to create a more dramatic look. It can make your nose and forehead appear smaller, help to define your jawline and get your cheekbones to pop out. These are, essentially, the same effects you can achieve with your body. The areas you want to appear slimmer can be “shaded” or covered in dark or non-eye-catching material. The beading, bold patterns, and crystals on your outfit should include more of the top of your frame and lighten to form lines reminiscent of a corset into the bodice. (Balmain – Vogue.com)

Pitch Black

You don’t have to be afraid of the dark in the show pen. When they say black hides everything, they aren’t kidding. Nowadays, the all black looks, often with detailing over the chest, shoulders, and top of the back, are seen bleeding onto the coordinating black tack. So if you want to go for the classic, take it up a notch with your matching saddle or headstall, a custom edged hat or a pop of
bold color. (Balmain – Vogue.com)

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Earth Tones

While black will forever be a staple, especially beyond the youth classes, it’s not all that’s out there. Riders are perfectly pairing atypical neutrals to their horses’ color. Think copper, grays, rust and nude which can help a rider look completely in sync with their four-legged partner. Or, on the contrary, rust chaps can make a rider pop on a black horse. Don’t discount the fact that different earth tones can make for a luxurious look when paired together. (Hermes – Elle.com)

Loud and Proud

Intricate patterns, themes, and multi-colored pieces were prevalent at this year’s New York fashion week. This can also be said of today’s horse show ring. If you want to stand out, don’t be afraid to combine a handful of bold, coordinating colors sure to catch the judges’ eyes. Even the gentlemen are sporting more prints and colors these days, and I think it’s just the beginning. The men’s silk neck ties are the ghost of horse show’s past. However, we will see unique patterns on their button ups and the tops of their custom chaps. Non-black hats are also popular among the men. Whether lady or gentleman, no outfit is complete these days without a bold custom pad. (Louis Vuitton – Elle.com)

Convertible Tops

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All over the arena, one can find tops that easily convert from horsemanship to pleasure, all in one. Perfectly coordinating boleros or vests with undershirts are an easy way to change your look between classes or to take off layers during a hot show. Well-placed fringe can often be seen on the outer pieces and are not only made of leather. Chains and beaded strands can add a new dimension. We’re seeing ladies forego the glitz and go back to horse show roots just sporting the plain or lightly customized starch shirt. Don’t forget that the undershirt can also be an easy change to get an entirely different look without breaking the bank. (Miu Miu  – Elle.com)

What’s Next?

The human ponytails will keep getting longer in the pleasure, and unique patterns will be sported by the men and women alike. However, women will be bringing it to a whole new level. Appropriately placed mesh and see-through paneling will be the next big thing in the ring. It’s also sensible for a lighter weight, cooler feel and more freeing movement. Next time you’re picking out the perfect fit, don’t forget to draw inspiration outside of the ring and refer to the runway to inspire your edgy look. (Alexander McQueen – Elle.com)


View the slideshow below of fashion shots taken by Tiffany Anne Photo from the 2017 Sun Circuit.

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