Pictured here, Jody Quiram giving away some of the awards at the show. Photo © TP Creations Photography

The Rock Candids and Rundown from Gordyville IQHA Show

The Illinois Quarter Horse Association kicked off the 2017 show season at Gordyville USA this weekend, February 3-5th. The show was judged by Steve Meadows, Rick Meredith, Nancy Renfro and Scott Neuman.

Packed with fun events, the show started off with a bagel breakfast to welcome everyone the first morning of showing. This was also to entice people over to check out the Silent Auction items for the ILQHA Amateur Committee. The highest selling item just so happened to be a three-page ad in GoMag from GoHorseShow purchased by Robyn and Emma Garcia.

Saturday morning’s showmanship schedule featured a $250 Second Chance Showmanship class. Elizabeth Forney and One Hot Big Leaguer were the winners with Rebecca Volkert and the Getaway Car coming in second and Alyssa Freeman and Tether My Leather placing third.

One of the highlights of the show was the Bouncy Horse Race. There was some rather enthusiastic warming up in the show office, which you may have caught on the Gordyville Facebook page.

During the actual race, people were dumped, bucked off and a few of the horses ran off with their riders. Jayger Erickson won the race and a $100 Pards Gift Certificate. You can be sure to see a rematch of the Bouncy Horse Race at future Gordyville shows. It was great fun followed by an exhibitor party to cap off a great day of showing.

Sunday’s Western classes saw a sizable increase over last year. The show wrapped up early Sunday afternoon, so everyone had time to catch the Super Bowl. The next Gordyville show is February 16-19th followed by a ten judge, nine-day Spring Circuit March 18-26th.

CLICK HERE to view the candids sponsored by The Rock and kindly submitted by Jody Quiram, Robyn Garcia and TP Creations Photography.

The All Around Award Winners are as follows:

Select Amateur- Karen Boxell and Good Going Danika
Amateur- Alyssa Freeman and Tether My Leather
Youth 14-18- Elizabeth Forney and One Hot Big Leaguer
Youth 13 and Under- Olivia Wynn and Shesa Good Story
Open Horse- Kari Jewell KM Zip Me Suddenly
Novice Amateur- Tracie Petersak and Walk Away Hocus
Novice Youth 14-18- Kate Fuesting and Hot and Graceful
Novice Youth 13 and Under- Olivia Wynn and Shesa Good Story
Rookie Amateur- Carrie Anderson and Sheza Fancy Hotrod