The Land of Lincoln Quarter Horse Association was a sell out with over 400 stalls and 6,000 entries. Photo courtesy of Christa Baldwin

The Rock Candids and Report from Gordyville’s The Land of Lincoln Show

The Land of Lincoln Quarter Horse Association show took place at Gordyville USA, February 16-19. It was a sell out with over 400 stalls and 6,000 entries. The show was judged by Robin Frid, Johnathan Meilleur, Jason Smith, Murray Griggs, Jill Gomes Newcomb and Randy Wilson.

Illinois had record-setting warm weather and everyone enjoyed being able to lunge and ride outside. We are usually feeling fortunate that Gordyville’s indoor facility allows people in the Midwest an opportunity to show all winter long. This year, we were enjoying the large outdoor pen in the sunshine.

With the show sold out, class sizes were fantastic. There were 4 and 5 point trail classes that went well into the evening. The March showbill is currently being revised to accommodate them. Several of the Western Pleasure classes were also up to three points including Green, Senior, Amateur and Select Amateur. The Novice Classes were up to four points.

As usual, the Gordyville staff and Hannagan family made everyone feel welcome. There were bagels one morning, donuts another and an exhibitor party with Wings and t-shirts courtesy of the Land of Lincoln Quarter Horse Association.

Up next, Gordyville is gearing up for a big, 9-day circuit with 10 judges, March 18-26th. It features a $9,000 NSBA Green Western Pleasure Slot Class, a $2,500 NSBA Green Trail Slot Class plus $500 Showmanship and Horsemanship Slot Classes. There are Motorized Scooter All Around Awards for the total circuit and All Arounds and Circuit Awards for each weekend. Make sure to get your stall reservations soon as it is filling up fast.

CLICK HERE to view the candids sponsored by The Rock Stallion and kindly taken by TP Creations Photography and others.