"Although Devin's client list included countless newly crowned World Champions, you do not need to be "famous" to leave the 45-minute session feeling like a princess," says author, Paige Wacker.

Makeup Artist Makes Top Exhibitors More Confident at AQHYA World Show

Someone once said, “Makeup is a powerful way to effectively reveal something unique about your inner self.” At the AQHYA world show, I had the incredible opportunity to have my makeup professionally done for the showmanship prelims and finals by the talented makeup artist, Devin Territo.

Devin kept busy in Oklahoma City, often starting her day at 5:30 am and averaging eight hours of makeup application per day. Although Devin’s client list included countless newly crowned World Champions, including the top-four riders in the Western Pleasure, you do not need to be “famous” to leave the 45-minute session feeling like a princess.

Devin started her makeup artist career at horse shows when she was competing in youth events. She told me, “I loved getting ready for my classes and I would always take the extra time to do my makeup. It was a lot of fun for me and I loved the way it made me feel going into a class. It gave me that extra boost of confidence.”

DevinTerrito_makeup_DeannaTerrito’s love for makeup eventually grew into her doing it for friends who were also showing. It was at that time that she realized she wanted to become a professional makeup artist. She attended a makeup school in Miami, Florida where she specialized and graduated with a certification in Makeup for the Fashion Industry as well as television and film.

“Today, I have my own freelance business in Florida where I live and do makeup for photo shoots, weddings, special events etc., but I always knew I wanted to make my own side business within the horse industry for riders who wanted and/or needed help with their own. It was something I had never seen done before and loved the idea. Bringing together the two things that I love has been amazing and I feel fortunate that I get to meet a lot of new people and be a part of someone’s special day. I am so happy when my clients do well.”

Check out my before (6am with no makeup or sleep) and my after picture. I was ready to go show!

Paige before after




Along with having my makeup beautifully done for the class, I had some questions for Devin about her job as a makeup artist. When I first sat down in her chair before the showmanship prelims, she looked at me and said, “Ohhhh, you will look amazing with a smokey eye look,” which inspired my first question for her…

How do you determine what style of makeup you’re going to put on a client?

“It all starts with what the client is most comfortable wearing. I start off my sessions by asking a couple questions about what they normally feel most comfortable with and if there is anything they don’t particularly like. I always want the client to feel and look their best by the time they leave my chair. I also always take into consideration what she is wearing to show that day. I don’t like to match the makeup to the color of the outfit, so instead I pick colors that I think will complement both the rider and the outfit. I can usually tell by someone’s personality if I can make the makeup more dramatic or keep it toned down.”

What is your favorite makeup style to put on a client and why?

“As far as makeup for showing, I like the full-on glam look. I think a strong contour, highlight, and bright lipstick is very flattering in the arena especially under those bright lights where the face has a tendency to get washed out. It really makes a rider stand out and makes a strong statement.”

What is the biggest mistake you see people do on their own personal makeup?

“There really isn’t anything I see that I would consider a mistake except maybe some girls who don’t wear any makeup at all to show. In my opinion, you definitely need something, even if it is just some lipstick to brighten up your face and give that nice polished look.”

What is your favorite part of your job?

“Since I also show, I understand all the hard work and time it takes to prepare. I definitely notice a change in personality from when they first sit down in my chair versus when their makeup is done. I try to talk them down especially if I can tell they are nervous or anxious. I think the makeup gives them a final touch of feeling ready to go show and kick butt. Being a part of that process for the girls is what I enjoy the most!”

Thank you, Devin! I absolutely loved my makeup and the confidence it gave me.

Devin is already taking appointments for the All-American Quarter Horse Congress. Contact her at Devinmua@gmail.com to schedule an appointment. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Check out this 21-second time lapse video of my 45-minute makeup session.