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Can You Say Wow? GoHorseShow’s Top-15 Congress Stall Fronts

Congress stall set ups can be very beautiful to look at, whether they are simple and precise or elaborate and complex. Most people do not know the hours of work it takes to build some of these one of a kind creations that become our habitats for the duration of the Congress.

Here’s our Top-15 Stall Set Ups for this year’s All American Quarter Horse Congress. After visiting each barn and looking carefully at all of the stall fronts and their details, we have made our list of favorites that can be found below.

1- Alexandra Chavez & Troy Lehn (Left and below)

Alexandra Chavez and trainer Troy Lehn’s stall set up in the Gilligan was clearly the front runner from the beginning. This stall set up has everything from an elaborate interior with a whole living room with fireplace, dining table, comfy couches and chandelier that looks as if it is straight out of HGTV. The classy color scheme on the outside also attracts the eye. Did we mention the waterfalls on the front facade?


2- LG Quarter Horses

Lori Gingrich’s stalls stand out in the center of the Gilligan building for many reasons. Not only is this set up complete with windows to hold awards, but it also has a striking green metal roof and a large portrait of the beautiful buckskin stallion, Krymsun N Gold. This building is a miniature replica of the barn that Lori calls home, Irongate Equestrian Center, as there is a large portrait of the beautiful barn right inside the sliding door.

3- Masterson Farms

Masterson Farms in Tennessee is home to the incredible stallion, RL Best Of Sudden.  Their home away from home in the Gilligan not only looks like the beautiful Masterson farm, but they also have bright flowers that really pop when walking down the aisle. This very classy design is equipped with special lighting as well as a beautiful cutout in the front that holds a simple chandelier that hangs from above (reminiscent of the chandelier at their Tennessee barn). It is a very classy but simple design. As a plus, one of the nicest couples you will ever meet, Ken and Marilyn can be often found sitting at the stalls.

4. Highpoint Performance Horses

Highpoint’s stalls combine stone and wood to create a timeless effect. What really makes them pop are the mirrored stall doors that have a mysterious and cool look. The paned windows open and are equipped for holding the many awards they are certain to win. Another thing that stands out is the client’s pictures in the windows from many of their wins. Through the doors is a full living area and kitchen


5. Powder Brook Farm

The columns and richness on this beautiful set up really stand out among the others. Many lights add to the stone to make a very appealing look. The simple yet pretty banner across the top also helps to secure these decorations in the Top Ten of the list. These columns are not only for decoration, but they also have shelves to hold their awards.

powderbrook farm
6. Sea Ridge Farms

This set up is very elaborate as well as simple at the same time. Not only does it spread across 13 stalls in length with a huge picture of Angela Wade on the side, but the bright and pretty flowers also stand out. Sea Ridge Farms always has a similar yet different theme, but it is always exciting to see how it will change from year to year.

sea ridge
7. Leeman Farms / North Farm

Leeman Farm, the new owners of Invitation Only and Lazy Loper who stand at Debbi Trubee and Roger Landis’ North Farm, have stunning stalls in the Gilligan. Elegance is the first word that comes to mind when viewing this cozy set up. The sleek black and white color schemes are very dominating with the large front porch that can seat many. There are also spotlights on the beautiful pictures of each stud that this farm houses which creates a very nice look, with nice centerpieces, matching decor and a tasteful overall look. Stop and say hi to Debbi to discuss breeding your mare to one of their studs.

north farm
8. Capital Quarter Horses/ Rusty Green Quarter Horses

The Roberts’ Capital Quarter Horses farm in lights are the main thing that stands out with these decorations. Equipped with stone walls and pretty windows, this western feeling scene boasts an appealing and bright look. Not only is this set up beautiful, but this farm also boasts great music from inside its doors as well. Many smalls details like the logo on the flower pots also show the attention to every aspect.

9. Starnes Quarter Horses

The Starnes’ stalls are very cute with wood panels and their sliding barn door. The large stallion banner at the front of the stalls of Iron Enterprise also draws massive attention. These stalls also have multiple painted pumpkins below with their painted logo which adds a cute effect and a nod to the fall weather.

10. Dakota Diamond Griffith

If you know Dakota, this stall set up in the new Adequan building is SO her… cute and fun with Dakota’s signature black and pink color scheme. Large white columns also stand in the front that add to the extreme effects of this set up. A crystal chandelier is atop the entry way that makes a grand entrance. The sparkly pictures frames, feather boa and dog mannequin are also fun additions that epitomize her fun personality.


Honorable Mentions

11. H&P Ranch

This teal blue stands out very well among all of the other stalls, and it wraps all the way around the front of the building. Contrasting the blue walls, bright yellow flowers also pull in the eye to make a big presence. Neon signs are also on the side which bring even more attention to these unique stalls.


12. Miller Quarter Horses

The simple black walls of Miller Quarter Horses’ set up are very classy, though there is also a touch of western flair. The cowhide patterns on the front are matched with elegant lanterns that make a beautiful effect. A pop of color from their lighted sign is also out front which draws attention to any passer by.

13. Shane Pope

Shane Pope’s stalls are very rustic which I believe helps them to stand out from the rest. The metal roof top gives off a very western feeling and the barrel and wagon wheel decorations have a pleasing effect, too. It is a crisp and clean, simple look that remains as a front runner.

shane pope
14. Millenium Quarters and Shinn Performance Horses

I believe that these stalls were one of the most stand-out stalls from the whole show. There are multiple lighted trees in the entry way that immediately pull in the viewer with an outdoor feel. The curtains are very timeless and has a large sitting area for their entire group out front.

millenium quarters
15. Stein Show Horses

Jennifer Stein’s stalls are very beautiful and grandiose. There is a large rooftop peak that stands out along with the lights on all of her client’s pictures that are hanging on the wall. Large flowers are in the foreground that add color with this set up.