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Dasi – Synonymous with Excellence and Style in the Horse Industry

Jadasa Jablonowski, better known as “Dasi”, is making her mark in the horse industry both as a leading graphic designer, as well as a top European horse trainer. Despite living in Germany, she is well known here in the United States for her unique ads that do an outstanding job of incorporating the personality of the exhibitor and their horse.

Dasi’s exceptional graphic design work appears frequently in the pages of GoMag. In fact, an ad she designed for Virginia Owen (below right) was recently voted Favorite Ad in the 2015 Harris Leather GoMag Contest. This was the fourth time that an ad designed by Dasi won Favorite Ad honors in this annual contest.

When asked about the importance of advertising in today’s competitive market, Dasi said, “Advertising is very important. It  gives you that extra confidence when you enter the ring. It definitely helps when the judges recognize you and pay attention to your ride!”

Dasi’s impressive client list reads like the who’s who of the horse show world and includes multiple World and Congress Champions. Many of her clients are quick to thank Dasi for playing a part in their success.Virginia Owen One Lazy Investment Dasi

“I am very lucky that I can design ads for people who later on have become World Champions,” Dasi states. “I am proud to be one of the many little pieces of the puzzle to make this success happen.”

Several of her advertising clients were eager to share why Dasi is their graphic designer of choice for their advertising campaigns.

Marilyn Masterson Dasi Suddenly Its TimeDasi has been the graphic designer for Masterson Farms, home of RL Best Of Sudden, for many years. Ken and Marilyn chose Dasi to designs ads for the stallions at Masterson Farms, their offspring and Marilyn Masterson’s personal show horses.

According to Marilyn (pictured here, “I chose Dasi because I think her ads are beautiful and I love the way she designs the ad that draws your attention to the horse. She doesn’t add too much to the page. They are very classy and she’s great to work with. She’s also a great person.”

Dasi started her ad career working for advertising agencies who designed campaigns for leading international companies such as Mercedes-Benz and Crest. One day, she was asked by World and Congress Champion trainer Michael Colvin to make ads for his barn. Little did this talented designer know that she would be entering the horse world with a bang. Today, Dasi still works on commercial graphic design projects as well as her equine advertising business.

As her advertising business began to grow, the German native gained more clients. Each have a unique style that Dasi brilliantly displays in their ads. “It’s really important to me that the ads reflect the client’s personality and the pictures show that,” she states. “It does not make sense to make the ads bright and bold if the client is shy. I design the ads in the color of the rider’s show clothes which in the long term helps create a brand which will give the rider an edge in the show ring.”

What also makes her ads different is the fact that she gives each one of her clients a personalized signature logo that is carried out through their campaign.

“I love her clean, sophisticated style,” says Angela Fox (pictured Angla Fox The Heat Seeker Dasihere). “You can always spot her ads because they are so simple without clutter but really tell a story. I love that she doesn’t choose traditional pictures to use in her ads. She likes the unexpected and playful moments. Another part of her style that I love is that she creates a brand for you and your ads–people remember them. Her theme and design for each customer is not by chance, she spends time getting to know our personalities and I think that is part of what makes her work so special.”

Dasi says her ads stand out due to her background in commercial advertising. She likes to focus on the key message, which makes her ads spot on, yet very simple. Her unique style results in a high demand of new clients wanting to work with her.

hubba hubba huntin Highrange Ranch Porter Dasi“I like that her ads are minimalistic compared to other ads you see, in a way that makes the point of the ad very obvious,” says client Breanne Porter who owns the stallion, Hubba Hubba Huntin (pictured left). “They stand out, too. I receive a ton of compliments on our ads; so people definitely notice them. She keeps an underlying style to each ad throughout the year that matches our ranch, which I appreciate as well.”

In addition to her advertising and graphic design business, Dasi runs a successful horse training business in Germany where she has won several European Championships. Dasi has been showing since she was nine years-old and a few years ago realized that there was demand in Europe for her to train and teach youth and amateurs. So she turned in her amateur card and began to train.

Dasi has trained and shown multiple European Champions and High Point winners in a variety of events including western riding, hunter under saddle, western pleasure, horsemanship, showmanship and halter. In 2014, Dasi was the DQHA Western Riding Futurity Champion on Youretheonethatiwant (pictured right). In dasi youretheonethatiwant2013, she was the Reserve European Champion on Hoo Let The Dogz Out in the Junior Hunter Under Saddle.

Dasi is looking forward to the 2015 show season and says that it is going to be a fun year because she has a strong group of junior and senior horses as well as youth and amateurs competing in the all around events.

Overall, it is very important to Dasi that her clients have fun with their horses at the barn and the show. “We work really hard, but we laugh just as much.”

As for the future, Dasi said her goal is to keep doing what she is doing. “I want to continue working hard in order to add more long term training and ad clients, but one of my personal dreams is to one day compete at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress or AQHA World Show.”

Dasi said that she feels very blessed to be allowed to live the life that she is living. “I love both my professions, and I am honored to work with so many fantastic people in the horse industry. It truly means a lot to me how many people believe in me and support me in what I do.”

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