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Harris Leatherworks; A Mother’s Handiwork and A Son’s Craft

It’s a very unassuming destination. Other than the fact that a big-rig cozies up to the main building, there is no indication of the life inside, of the artisans at work beyond the doors. Many have sat in the same chair, walked through the same doors, chiseled out unique compositions for over a quarter of a century.  In the showroom, eloquent saddles line the walls while spurs, halters, belts, boots, blankets and the like take their place on shelves and floors. Space is at a premium because just beyond these walls are men and women in full production mode, churning out leather and silver creations that astound even those who have never or will ever mount a horse.

This is the home to Eddie Harris and Harris Leather and Silverworks, and to his staff – or his family, as he would call them – who live the mantra daily that old world craftsmanship is the only way.

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