Are you still not sure how everything works for the 2012 AQHA Novice championships? That’s OK – read through this handy FAQ! (Journal Photo)

AQHA 2013 Novice Championships FAQ

AQHA answers questions regarding the 2013 AQHA Novice championship shows.

Are you still not sure how everything works for the 2013 AQHA Novice championships? That’s OK! Lots of questions are bound to come up. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please call AQHA Customer Service at (806) 376-4811.

How do I qualify?

You may qualify nationally or through your state/provincial affiliate. There are two ways to nationally qualify:

1. If you place in the top-10 at an AQHA regional championship show in a Novice class. Because Novice halter is not common class, halter exhibitors may nationally qualify by competing in 20 AQHA shows in regular halter classes.
2. If you show at 20 AQHA shows throughout the year in novice classes. Competitors may show at shows around the nation – there is no regional preference or requirement. If you aren’t sure how many AQHA shows you have shown at, call AQHA Customer Service at (806) 376-4811.

The national qualifying period is May 1, 2012, to June 30, 2013. If your regional championship is after June 30, 2013, it will count toward qualifying for the 2014 AQHA Novice championship shows.

An exhibitor may qualify for the Novice championships through state/provincial qualifying. To find your affiliate’s qualifying method, click here. If your affiliate does not have a qualifying method listed, AQHA is currently working on a standard affiliate qualifying method for the affiliates that have not submitted their methods.

How much does it cost?

The Novice championships feature a flat entry fee of $300. For that price, you will be able to enter three classes, plus you will also receive one stall. The flat fee covers the drug-testing fee, as well. Tack stalls may be purchased for $100, and you will also need to pay for shavings. If you wish to enter more than three classes, once you pay the flat fee, other classes will be available on a a la carte basis. No classes are offered on an individual basis without the $300 flat fee being paid first.

What can I enter?

To find a list of classes offered at the 2013 Novice championships, click here. If you qualify for the Novice championships, you may enter as many classes as you and your horse feel comfortable showing in, as long as you are Novice eligible in those classes. Please see the fee structure above.

I qualified nationally in one class, and state qualified in another class.

As long as you qualify for the Novice championships, whether through national or state qualifying, you are eligible to enter any class at the Novice championships on the horse you qualified with as long as you are still Novice eligible in that class. If you nationally qualified, your state/provincial affiliate will not include you in their state qualifying list (because you are already nationally qualifying) so other competitors have the opportunity to qualify as well.

Can I show in any class if I am state qualified?

Whether you state or nationally qualify, you may enter as many classes as you would like at the Novice championships, as long as it is with the horses that you qualified on, and you are currently Novice eligible in that class.

Does the entry fee cover my stall?

The flat entry fee of $300 pays for one stall and a maximum of three classes. A tack stall may be purchased for $100.

I live in California, but my trainer is in North Carolina. What Novice championship show am I qualified for?

There will be no restriction on which Novice championship an exhibitor may attend. As an example, if you live in the west, but would rather attend the Nutrena AQHA East Novice Championship Show, you may do so. Or, if you live in the east and would like to attend the SmartPak AQHA West Novice Championship Show, you may do so. However, you may only compete at one Novice championship per year.

I qualified for the Novice championships and also the AQHA World Show, can I do both?

Yes, if you qualify for the Novice championships and the AQHA World Championship Show, you may compete at both.

If I’m a reserve world champion in pole bending, but I’m still a Novice amateur in pole bending, and I qualify in Novice amateur pole bending for the Novice championships, can I show in pole bending at the AQHA Novice championship shows?

If you won an AQHA reserve or world championship in a class in a previous year, you are not eligible for Novice in that class (skill set) the following year.

If you earn a reserve or world championship in the same year the Novice championship is held, your Novice eligibility stays intact in that class through the end of the year (this would apply to the Ford Youth and Adequan Select world shows, which are held in August/September, prior to the Novice championships, which are held in October).

If you earn a world championship in pole bending at the Ford Youth World in August, you are still considered a Novice through the end of the year and as such would be eligible for the Novice championships in pole bending. However, on January 1, you would no longer be considered a Novice in that class (skill set).

What is the end of the qualifying period?

National qualifying ends June 30, 2013. State qualifying must end by June 30, 2013, but check your affiliate’s qualifying method here to see when its qualifying period ends.

My regional championship is after the qualifying cut-off, can I still go?

If your regional championship is after June 30, 2013, you will need to qualify by another means for this year’s Novice championships. If you competed at your regional championship in 2012 (and the event was held after July 1, 2012), and you placed in the top-10 in a Novice class, you are already nationally qualified. Other qualifying methods include showing at 20 AQHA shows in novice classes or fulfilling your state/provincial affiliate’s requirements, which you can find here. If you have any questions about whether you are qualified or not, contact AQHA customer service at (806) 376-4811.

Why aren’t there cattle or over fences classes?

Because this was the first year of the event, AQHA wanted to be conservative in its list of classes. We are working on something we hope will excite cattle event exhibitors for 2014, stay tuned.

What will the schedule look like?

The 2013 class schedule will be available shortly.

When can I move my horse in?

Move-in will begin on October 1 at noon at both locations.

Does our accomplishment go on my horse’s record?

Yes, your accomplishments at the Novice championships will go on your horse’s permanent record.

Are the clinics free?

Yes, the Ride the Pattern/Ride the Rail clinics scheduled for the Novice championship shows are free. To learn more about these clinics, view the tentative schedule here.

If I win, can I come back next year?

If you win a class at a Novice championship show, you will lose your Novice eligibility in that class for 2014, but you will be able to continue showing in Novice in that class for the remainder of 2013.

What do I get if I win?

Trophies, ribbons, medallions, and other products will be awarded. Saddles will be presented to each of the four all-around winners (Select amateur, amateur, 13 & under and 14-18 divisions), and class winners will receive a buckle.

Can my trainer show my horse at the Novice championships?

No, the Novice championships are exclusive for Novice amateur and Novice youth competitors.

Will there be a program?

Yes, there will be a program for the Nutrena East Novice Championship Show and for the SmartPak West Novice Championship Show. These programs will list all exhibitors competing at that particular show.

Will there be live feed?

No, there will not be a live webcast of the 2013 Novice championships.

My state doesn’t have a state qualifying method – can I qualify through another state?

If you are a member in good standing with another state affiliate (other than the state/province you reside in) and you have the affiliate’s approval, you may qualify through another state. If your affiliate does not have a qualifying method listed, you must nationally qualify or qualify through another affiliate.

Will there be a Novice championships youth team, similar to the youth world team?

No, competitors will not be grouped with their state, such as done at the Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show.

What if someone tries to nationally and state qualify? How will my affiliate know that they have already nationally qualified?

AQHA will send each state a list of the national qualifiers in mid July. The affiliates will make sure that national qualifiers are not double-qualifying through state qualifying, and the affiliates will have 10 days from the date they receive the list of national qualifiers to submit a list of the state qualifiers to AQHA. AQHA will send out the invitations and the entries will be done by show secretaries for each event.

I nationally qualified in halter 2-year-old mares, but now I’ve pointed out of Novice halter. AQHA said that if you point out during the year, you can still show in that class at the Novice championships, so can I bring another horse and show it in halter?

No, to qualify for a Novice championship with a horse, you must be Novice eligible at the time you are qualifying. Yes, you may still show the mare that you qualified in halter with as a Novice, but if you wish to qualify another horse for the Novice championships (and you no longer are Novice eligible in halter), you must qualify that other horse in a class in which you are Novice eligible.

If you receive my entry on time, can I also add a class at the show?

No, you cannot add classes at the Novice championships, but you may scratch from them.

If my daughter and I qualify for the Novice championships on the same horse, can we both show the horse, and will we only pay $300 for the flat fee? If not, is the second person’s entry discounted?

Unfortunately the answer is “No.” The cost of $300 must be paid by each exhibitor, which covers each exhibitor’s entries up to three classes.

At the end of 2012, I noviced out of barrel racing. Will I still be eligible to compete at the Novice championships in barrel racing?

As long as you nationally qualified for the Novice championships from May 1-December 31, 2012, you will receive an invitation to the Novice championships in 2013.

Will there be a payback at the Novice championships like there is at the AQHA World Championship Show?

No, prizes and recognition will be the awards for the 2013 Novice championships.

I showed at my AQHA Regional Championship Show last year and I placed in the top 10 in a Novice class, qualifying for the Novice championships. However, I noviced out of several classes by the end of 2012 – will I still be able to show in those classes at the 2013 Novice championships?

If you qualify, and then Novice out, you will still receive an invitation to the Novice championships, and be able to compete in the classes that you were in a Novice in when you qualified. However, if you show a second horse and qualify that horse after you have noviced out, then you would not receive an invite with the second horse.

If the horse that I qualified for the Novice championships dies after the qualifying cut-off, can I bring a different horse?

Should a horse receiving a national invitation to the 2013 AQHA Novice championship shows die, the exhibitor owning the horse may participate with another horse if he/she has nationally qualified in showmanship, horsemanship and hunt seat equitation, and the appropriate show office is notified at least one hour prior to the particular class.

Exhibitors who nationally qualify in any other class may participate with another horse if the nationally qualified horse dies before the entry deadline and all other ownership requirements are met by entry deadline.

What happens if my horse is severely injured after the end of the qualifying period for the 2013 Novice championships? Can I substitute another horse?

If a horse dies or becomes severely injured or disabled, a substitute will be allowed for the Novice championships that the deceased/injured/disabled horse qualified for. In order to replace a debilitated horse, written statements from two American Association of Equine Practitioners-approved veterinarians stating severity of debilitating injury or illness, and lack of probably of short-term recovery, must be submitted to AQHA or the show office at the event and the appropriate show office is notified at least one hour prior to the particular class. [Please note that due to Novice rules, the competitor does not have to own the horse that he or she shows at the Novice championships.]

Will the 2012 Novice championships be a “no bling” show?

“Bling” will be allowed on show apparel at the 2013 Novice championships. This is not a “no bling” show. Wear what you are most comfortable showing in and is in accordance with AQHA rules.

How old does a youth competitor have to be to compete in halter at the Novice Championship shows?

The rule requiring youths to be nine years old to compete in halter has been relaxed for the Novice championships.