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Providing Bright Futures for Unwanted Quarter Horses

The RE-RIDE Quarter Horse Adoption Program is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that offers a second chance for registered Quarter Horses that have become displaced for a variety of reasons, or no longer suite the needs of their owners. The program is located at Hatfield Performance Horses in Maryville, Ohio.

“We’ve been able to place several very nice show horses in new homes bringing new people into the industry,” says, Kerri Burke, who is the Executive Director of RE-RIDE Quarter Horse Adoption Program. “The horses that our program receives are those that typically might not pass a pre-purchase exam due to lameness issues but otherwise still have a lot to offer in another discipline or perhaps a less intense show career.”

Some former top show horses that have gone through the program include: Handsome N Hot, My Certified Edition, All Locked N Loaded and Totally Natural.

According to Burke, several programs are in place for unwanted racehorses but nothing existed specifically for Quarter Horses. The idea of a Quarter Horse Adoption Program came about with a rehabilitation horse, RL Forever A Chip, a horse from Ohio State University that Kerri was helping Dr. Steve Reed of Rood and Riddle to rehabilitate. He was the first official horse that went through the program. The idea for a Quarter Horse Adoption Program presented itself and Burke felt it was her duty to offer these horses a second chance.

In August of 2010, the program became incorporated in the State of Ohio and filed the paperwork with the IRS for the 501(c) 3 in January 2011 and received their IRS Declarations letter in July of 2011.

What Types Of Horses Are Accepted?

RE-RIDE accepts registered American Quarter Horses that are suitable to continue onto a future career or purpose. Horses that are injured or require surgery or rehabilitation are accepted into the program provided that they can have a favorable prognosis for recovery or at the very least a future free from pain. The best interest of the horse is always their first priority. They accept horses from all disciplines. (pictured left: Sara and Hot N Handsome)

People interested in donating horses to the program can contact Burke by phone or email. All horse donations require a contract granting ownership of the horse to the program. RE-RIDE recommends that those interested in donating a horse for a tax credit consult with their tax professional regarding the requirements, and recommends an appraisal of the horse prior to donating to the RE-RIDE Program. RE-RIDE cannot assess the value of the donated horse. Registration papers and a signed transfer are also required as the horse(s) can then be transferred into the adopters name for breeding or showing purposes. All horses entering the program are enrolled in the full circle program through AQHA and can be returned to the program at any time should they become unwanted.

Are You Interested in Adopting a Horse?

Individuals interested in adopting a horse from the RE-RIDE Program are required to complete an adoption application and submit the names and phone numbers of the veterinarian and farrier that they use, along with personal references. Adopters are required to ride the horses that they intend on adopting so that they can be sure that they are a perfect match of horse and rider. Adoption horses must be kept for a two year period and mandatory updates are required on a quarterly basis to assure that each horse is being properly taken care of. After the two year period, the horse can then be sold but RE-RIDE must be given the contact information so that the program is aware of whereabouts of the adopted horse. The donor’s information as well as the adopter’s information is available to both parties so that they can keep in touch with the horse if they choose to do so. Their adoption fees are typically $1,500 depending on training level and show experience.

Why Should You Donate to this Program–You Ask?

The proceeds generated from their adoption fees and donations go directly towards the care of the horses in their program. The majority of the horses that enter the RE-RIDE program are former show horses. RE-RIDE understands that former show horses have special requirements in finding a forever home. For example, many show horses have never gone without shoes, are used to be stalled and don’t often do well with flies or being turned out in a pasture. Their program makes certain that adopters are informed of any special needs or requirements that each horse may have.

“We also provide surgeries, rehabilitation, training and retraining to horses that enter the program as well as aiding adopters in finding a professional trainer in their discipline to help guide them in the direction that they wish to go with their adopted horse,” Burke explains. “Each horse that enters the program is also enrolled in the Full Circle Program with AQHA, assuring that the horses always have somewhere to go with their best interest in mind. It is our goal to provide a quality adoption horse available at a reasonable fee with the proper training that would allow people the opportunity to own and show a horse as great as the American Quarter Horse.” (pictured right: My Certified Edition)

In 2012, RE-RIDE graciously received a grant from the ASPCA for Capital Improvements to help their rehabilitation horses remain comfortable during recovery from injuries or stall rest and Burke would like to thank the ASPCA for their generous support.

“I have worked almost my entire life taking care of injured horses, rehabilitating them and helping them move onto productive lives,” Burke proudly states. “I have had the opportunity to work directly with such talented people as the late Dr. Paul Rothaug and several other top veterinarians at Woodland Run Equine as well as other veterinary facilities assisting in surgeries, and rehabilitating horses with varying degrees of lameness due to sports related injuries. To me, this program provides an opportunity to give back to the horses that give us everything that they’ve got in competition when they need it most. I love horses and to me this is a labor of love.”

To find out more information about this program, please contact Kerri Burke at: 937-499-4898 or email her at You may also check out their website by clicking here.