Carey Nowacek Sweeps Congress and World in Horsemanship

Congratulations goes to Carey Nowacek and Certify This Chex, on winning the 15-18 Horsemanship at the Congress. She swept both of the major events, Congress and World, in the Horsemanship this year. 

With it pouring down rain during the class and 30 finalists crowded on the rail during the Horsemanship rail finals, it was definitely a challenge for exhibitors to lay out their pattern and find adequate rail space. However, Nowacek rose to the occasion and was able to execute a pretty pattern despite these difficulties. was able to catch a quick interview with Nowacek right before she had to go prepare for the Western Riding. “It is a lot more difficult showing at the Congress,” Nowacek remarked, who was walking back to her stalls in the Buckeye Barn after her win. “It was raining. We had a small place to warm up, and I had only three days to get together with him before I had to show due to school and being on the Texas A&M NCAA Equestrian team.” 
Nowacek adds, “I had all summer to practice for the Youth World, so this show was a lot more challenging.”
When asked what she thought about her pattern, she said with the confidence of a World Champion and now Congress Winner, “I liked my pattern. He was right there with me,” she said. “My large fast circle was not as fast as I had wanted it, but I made it up by the rest of my pattern and my gallop to the end cone. The railwork was also hard because I had to stay on the inside the entire time, but he was a really good boy.”
One interesting tidbit we found out was that since Carey is on a NCAA Equestrian team she is able to keep her trophy but the spurs she won—she either has to pay for them or give them back since they are not allowed to win prizes and show in NCAA sanctioned events.
At the time of publishing this article, Nowacek was getting ready to ride in the 15-18 Western Riding. We will update you later on her placings. would like to also thank Carey for participating and being involved with our Congress Horsemanship article. She definitely gives good advice and backed up her thoughts by the outstanding ride she had today.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Carey and Lugnut on winning the 15-18 All-Around title at the Congress! This pair were Congress Champions in Horsemanship, Reserve Congress Champions in Showmanship and placed top-10 in Equitation.  Carey is awarded a trophy, buckle and $500 gift card.