Chelsea Bain Rocks Her Music Showcase in Nashville
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Chelsea said, "I was so happy to have Sara and Jana there! They have watched me grow up and having them there meant everything to me." Pictured left to right: Jana Simons, Chelsea Bain, and Sara Simons Photos by GoHorseShow.com

While APHA Multiple World Champion Chelsea Bain may be well known in the horse arena, she just started making a name for herself in a different venue. On Wednesday night, Bain had a music showcase in front of major record labels and debuted some new songs at a local favorite club, 12 & Porter, located in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.

"The showcase went even better than I expected," Bain said to GoHorseShow.com reporter Laura Gilmer after she finished her performance."The band totally rocked it out, and I had a killer time just being on stage performing my songs!"

GoHorseShow.com senior writer Laura Kathryn Gilmer, who lives in Nashville, had a chance to attend Bain's showcase and she reported back that Chelsea did a tremendous job, the "band was rockin", and she had great presence and energy on stage. It is hard to believe this was Bain's first ever showcase! GoHorseShow.com was able to ask Chelsea some questions after her amazing night.

Q: Tell me about your band--including the fiddle player? How did you come about assembling them?

A: I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work with my band. They are a group of amazing musicians. My fiddle player is Renae Truex and I am a huge fan of hers. She even played on my album! Her and I get a long great, we're both tomboys. My musical director and guitar player is Paul Allen--he did such an amazing job and he was a blast to play with. Craig Carter played Bass, and he is just the coolest guy. Steve King played keys, and was outstanding. Jaime Hanna played rhythm guitar, he is hysterical always the comedian, and, last but not least, Mike Notermann was on drums. The band was a blast to be around, it was like one big party which made it fun.

Q: Tell me the names of the songs you sang tonight--and a little about them? I believe you sang a Tom Petty song. Why did you decide to add that song?

A: The cover song I sang was "Breakdown" by Tom Petty. I was so excited to cover a Tom Petty song because he is one of my biggest influences! The first song was 'All American Country Girl', that song is my anthem, it describes me to a T. The second song was 'Last Nights Party', and I think it speaks for itself, because we've all been there haven't we! The third song was 'Say You're Sorry' what I like to look at as the song for all the douche bag guys out there that somehow find their way with us girls. Then, I sang my ballad "Lonely"--this song is all about loving and leaving, that late night call when you're just wanting that person... following that was 'Breakdown' and then I sang my most in your face song 'Ignite Me.' I may have had the most fun with this one. This one is for anyone who has ever tried to bring me down. They should know that they can't, and I'll stand for what I believe in, and that's exactly what this song says.

Q: How did you feel about Jana and Sara Simons coming from Texas and a lot of your family coming from Arizona to support you?

A: I was so happy to have Sara and Jana there! They have watched me grow up and having them there meant everything to me. Sara even got a little emotional as I was performing I could see her and it really got to me--It meant the world to see them out in the crowd. My whole family flew in from Arizona and that was the coolest thing to see all my family and friends standing out there actually rockin out to my music and with me!

Q: I heard that you went to dinner with some record labels after--where did you go and what did they say?

A: I actually can't comment on this at the moment but I'll keep you posted

Q: Tell me about the amazing jacket that you wore during your performance--who made it, how you came up with the design, etc?

A: Paula Diuri (Paula's Place--who makes fabulous horse show clothes for the top riders) made my whole outfit. She put it together so quickly, and it turned out to be a killer outfit! I told her that I needed an outfit for my showcase, and she sent me a sketch and that was it, she got right to work on it.

Q: Anything else you would like to tell your horse show friends and family?

A: It was amazing how much I could relate the horse showing preparation to my showcase prep. I kept saying "oh hurry up and wait is something I am very use to!" It's a lot of hard work preparing and long hours of rehearsing, so I feel right at home working hard for a goal and then going after it head on. I like to tackle things as hard as I can, and I think my showcase was a home run.

Make Sure to check out her self titled debut EP by clicking here!

GoHorseShow.com congratulates Chelsea on a job well done and wish her luck in the future!

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Added: January 12, 2012. 01:47 PM CDT
Awesome Band
Chelsea rocked at the Independent last nite. Her band was amazing!!
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Added: January 22, 2011. 10:12 PM CDT
WOW this is soooo.. awesome
I will always remember you coming out of the nail spa with your mom and I asked you if you would like to ride our POA horse Cheeokee and Sylvie would help you. Also, rememb3r you riding Brigittes POA and winning the World Champion Reiner. WOW! you come a long way. Can't wait to see you perform.

The Best For you Future Alway, you have worked very hard for it.

Sylvia & family
Sylvia H.
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